Tides of Flame #7 Out Now! [PS(A)]

From PugetSoundAnarchists.


Issue #7 of everyone’s favorite Seattle anarchist paper is ready to read or print!

We are happy to report that September was our biggest internet traffic month since we started up in July, probably because we pissed off a bunch of cop-loving scaredy-cat yuppies in the Central District! (See “Ciao, Autonomia”, ToF #6) Everyone loves an angry yuppie!

In this issue:
* 99% WHAT? – On Occupy Seattle
* My So-Called Life (A new column detailing the misery, banality, and absurdity of everyday life in capitalist society.)
* Tacoma Teachers Return, Take Students Hostage For Real This Time
* Forgotten History: The Last Days of the George Jackson Brigade
* The Eyes of a Monster
* Built for Burning: The Knife Behind the Bullitt’s Back
* Haunted, a poem

Don’t hesitate to send those submissions or ideas our way: tidesofflame@riseup.net

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