Seattle: Anarchist General Assembly

From PugetSoundAnarchists. Wed, 10/12/2011.


at The Vera Project, 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98109

In the spirit of this winter’s anti-police assemblies, we are calling all anarchists, anti-authoritarians, autonomists, etc. in the Pacific Northwest to meet, make connections, develop analyses and share proposals for the creation and proliferation of anarchist spaces.

Since the last assembly was held over six months ago, several people in the Puget Sound have been murdered by police; austerity measures have tightened the noose on many; city officials forced the closure of an anarchist social space and mainstream movements have recuperated the language of occupations.

Space will be provided for groups/individuals to share updates and potential actions for resistance to this prison world. Rather than a meeting, the assembly is not a place to come to a collective decision, but instead to debate ideas, meet comrades and build points of tension.

We welcome a diversity of perspectives and tactics. Our only point of unity for participation in this assembly is the desire for complete freedom from the dominant social order, including the police force, and its permutations. We are not interested in the expansion of cages; thus expressions of good faith in this violent and oppressive system will be shut down. To this end, political parties — including so-called “revolutionary” ones — are not welcome. If you choose to disrespect this, you will be asked to leave.


Event Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 – 7:00pm
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