N.17 Occupy the Banks!

From N17pdx.org. Occupy the Banks!

Occupy Portland’s Action Committee has issued a call for decentralized-yet-coordinated nonviolent civil disobedience against big banks. Let’s shut them down!

Get Involved

Occupy Wall Street, in solidarity with organized labor and the 99% around the world, has called for a day of nonviolent civil disobedience on Thursday November 17th to reject the economy that divides us and rebuild an economy that works for all. We will resist the banks and the government they control, reclaim our democracy, and recreate the society we want to see.

Occupy Portland has issued a call for decentralized-yet-coordinated non-violent civil disobedience against big banks. Let’s shut them down!

This is a call to form “affinity group” action teams, take on support roles, or join in a public march visiting action locations. An action “spokescouncil” for communication between and support of affinity group has been formed by the Occupy Portland Action Committee and seeks your participation.

How to engage:

Form an affinity group! A sit-in with half-a-dozen friends can shut down a corporate bank for hours, especially if utilizing u-locks or other basic “lock-down” devices. The spokescouncil has seats for representatives of all active affinity groups and is working to ensure actions don’t accidentally conflict, can get their action’s message out to media, have legal support, and more.
Support the direct actions! There are many ways to help support actions without risking arrest – police and media liaisons, legal observation, march planning, outreach, and more. Teams are forming for all of them, and are a great place to get trained – no experience necessary. Email  join@n17pdx.org or check out our FAQ for all support committee contacts.
Come to a Spokescouncil meeting – Tuesday 11/8, Thursday 11/10, Saturday 11/12, Monday 11/14, and Wednesday 11/16. Contact  join@n17pdx.org for location.
Get trained! Many workshops for anyone wanting help planning actions and organizing new affinity groups are happening! Schedule at n17pdx.org/training, or contact  training@n17pdx.org.
Join the march! Details will be posted soon at n17pdx.org.
Donate! This coordinated action – one of the largest days of action in Portland history – is running on a painful shoestring budget! Put your money where your values are now! We need your support asap, every bit helps: Funds are desperately needed for legal support, outreach material, sign making supplies, and civil disobedience blockade devices. Do you want to see the big banks shut down? Then please put your money where your visions are and visit n17pdx.org/donate today!!
Spread the word! RSVP on facebook and invite others, help with flyering, and check out n17pdx.org/outreach for more ideas.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to take bold action with a critical mass of activists willing and ready to confront corporate greed. Seize the moment. Plan to take the day off work (because banks are open 9-5pm). Spread the word. Gather your friends. Plan your action. Be Creative. Occupy the Banks.

To get involved contact:  join@n17pdx.org / (503) 567-6895
Media inquiries:  media@n17pdx.org
General Questions:  info@n17pdx.org homepage: homepage: http://n17pdx.org
phone: phone: (503) 567-6895

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