Portland Indymedia Censorship – 2 articles on Grey Coast

Portland Indymedia is having problems with censorship. According to anonymous comments on Grey Coast two articles related to the “Real Occupy Portland” – a splinter group – have been removed from Portland Indymedia. Those articles are “Anonymous Outs Embezzlement From Occupy Portland”, a communication to Occupy Portland allegedly from AnonPress, or Anonymous, and “Group of police-lovers shutting down camp at 4pm today”. Those two articles are archived at the same link:


Other ‘Real Occupy Portland’ Embezzles Money and Loves Police

URL: https://greycoast.wordpress.com/2011/11/06/other-real-occupy-portland-embezzles-money-loves-police/


A related article is from an anonymous action:

The ‘Real Occupy Portland’ Smashes Banks and Throws Paint Inside

URL: https://greycoast.wordpress.com/2011/11/06/the-real-occupy-portland-smashes-banks-and-throws-paint-inside/


The comment below gives an explanation for the censorship at PDX Indymedia:

It keeps getting deleted because there are mods in indymedia (Yes I know who) that are in favor of never saying anything bad about movements, and potentially ally themselves with these people as well. There are however also mods that are challenging this and so you may see some crazy shit going on. Indymedia in many ways has become as uncritical of itself as the institutions it claims to be challenging, hopefully those against this form of heavy handed moderation will pull it together and change the situation but who knows.

Anyhow thanks for this site and for hosting this here, I am going to keep reposting this to indy for now just to piss of the politburo.

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3 Responses to Portland Indymedia Censorship – 2 articles on Grey Coast

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve identified the main censor as Deva – s/he has taken responsibility for removing a number of comments and articles that I have submitted, critical of Occupy Portland. I’ve inquired with PIMC to see if they have means of holding moderators accountable when they abuse their power. I haven’t received a response.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t going to say anything just yet because I wanted to see how things got dealt with internally but yeah, I can corroborate that deva is part of this, and I saw him cheering on the people who plotted this whole coup when I went down there to defend the camp, thankfully the camp wasn’t going to just accept the demands of a bunch of self-appointed administrators.

    As to pimc they are in shambles afaik so maybe they get some accountability but likely shit will just go on w/o anyone being held responsible.

  3. from says:

    There rampant censorship of any comment or article they deem as causing “disruption” of the movement. It has also become rampant with trolls.

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