SPP Police State: Cross Border, Local Portland and Regional State Police are set to Share Info

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From the Oregonian. Nov 8.

an SPP control room

Mayors, police chiefs from around Pacific Northwest gather in Portland to share crime-fighting ideas

Mayors from Portland, Vancouver and Seattle are in Portland today, along with police chiefs from several cities along the I-5 corridor, to coordinate tactics in combating crime that travels between the communities.

The mayors and police chiefs signed a statement of support for greater collaboration as they work to tackle such problems as gang violence, drugs and gun trafficking and human trafficking.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams joined with Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn to sign the statement of support during the noon hour at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree Hotel in Northeast Portland.

“The challenges we face in public safety are regional in nature. It’s beyond the capacity of any one police department to address,” McGinn said. “We have to collaborate. We have to work together.”

The approximately 60 attendees heard presentations this morning from Portland Sgt. Mike Geiger on the city’s efforts to target human trafficking, and from Vancouver, B.C., Inspector Brad Desmarais on drug and gun trafficking. This afternoon, they’re to discuss gang violence trends in the Pacific Northwest.

The public safety leaders will work to create an infrastructure for the free flow and sharing of information between agencies on crimes, spur on-going collaborations and consider joint efforts to apply for grant funding.

Currently, the neighboring police agencies may share information on a case-by-case basis, Portland Chief Mike Reese said.

“Most of what we’ve seen is case-specific sharing, not looking at regional problems,” Reese said. “Gangs don’t recognize jurisdictions.”

Levitt, of Vancouver, said, “We’re working very diligently to get ahead of the curve of these bad guys.”

McGinn, of Seattle, said it’s even hard within individual law enforcement departments to make sure the gang unit is sharing information with the narcotics unit. He said the collaboration between agencies in the Northwest facing the same public safety problems is crucial, especially when all agencies are dealing with limited budgets.

Gangs trafficking in guns, drugs and the sexual exploitation of children are the common problem agencies at Tuesday’s summit are discussing.

Law enforcement from Vancouver, B.C, Seattle, Vancouver, Wash., Troutdale, Portland, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, Happy Valley, Beaverton, Sherwood, Tigard, Salem, Woodburn, Eugene, Talent, and Oregon State Police are attending the event.

Seattle’s mayor announced the second “I-5 Corridor Summit” will be held in Seattle in the spring of 2012.

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