Calling everyone – defend Occupy Portland this Saturday!

From PDX Indymedia.

The Mayor is announcing that he will evict the occupation using force this Saturday. Let the Mayor know that he doesn’t get to decide what happens here – the 99% do!

Sam Adams has announced that he will be sending in the police to forcefully evict Occupy Portland. The violence being threatened against the occupation is the same violence used to evict people from their homes, the same violence used to drive out the poor and working class through the process of gentrification, the same violence that is used daily by the city and police to protect the interests of the 1% at the expense of the 99%. Despite his feigned concern for the safety of the occupiers, he is in reality responding to pressure brought by Standard Insurance, the Portland Business Alliance, and other members of the 1% who oppose the occupation in principle. The Mayor has repeatedly worked to undermine the occupation and distract it from growing into a powerful social movement – this is just another in a long line of manufactured crisis created by the mayor to disrupt the occupation and discredit it. The fear mongering that has been occurring over the past week has been intentional, to alienate the occupation from it’s supporters.

This Saturday, we need everyone who supports the right of the occupiers to exist, who opposes police violence, everyone who thinks that this moment in time is too important to give up on – we need all of you at the occupation on Saturday night. They hope to control us through fear – through fear of violence, fear of arrest. We must say that we will not be afraid anymore. That we will not be bullied into submission. For everyone who supports freedom and self-determination, this is your moment to act in defense of those values. All out to the occupation this Saturday! These moments don’t happen often, this may be our last opportunity to come together as a people and challenge the powers that be – we can’t let it go without a fight.

Long live the Portland Commune!


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  1. Grey Coast Anarchist News says:

    this must have been a lucky article! It’s the 100th post to the site.

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