Fuck You ↑ You ↓ You ↙ You ↖ You ← You ↘ You ↗ Oh & You → (for suppressing media!!!!!)

PDXIndymedia. re: “FUCK YOU FOR SUPPRESSING MEDIA!!!!” (FYI this is not a communique for the following action. It is one possible explanation). From Grey Coast A News.

We paid a quick visit to Portland Indymedia tonight to see what was new & exciting in Portland and found that the self-publish side bar was full of articles titled, “FUCK YOU FOR SUPPRESSING MEDIA!!!!!!!” We took some screenshots of this and posted them below for you to see. But first, the explanation we can offer is that some possibly related background is posted on Grey Coast (See “Portland Indymedia Censorship“.) Two articles were censored on Portland Indymedia earlier this week. Both were related to Occupy Portland, “The Real Occupy Portland” splinter groups, and these are contextualized by a bank action in the “Break Your Bank Communique.” The censored articles on Portland Indymedia were “Anonymous Outs Embezzlement From Occupy Portland,” a communication directed to Occupy Portland allegedly sent from Anonymous, or Anonymous Operations the hackbloc. The other censored article was “Group of police-lovers shutting down camp at 4pm today” which details an ongoing internal problem within the downtown Occupy Portland camp.

Both articles were posted in the same article link by Grey Coast before they were censored the following day.

THE LINK Other ‘Real Occupy Portland’ Embezzles Money & Loves Police

THE URL https://greycoast.wordpress.com/2011/11/06/other-real-occupy-portland-embezzles-money-loves-police/



in case the graphics are too small on your computer screen the most important part of the message is highlighted for you in yellow.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    special coverage category: fuck you for suppressing media!!!!

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