New Occupation Now!

From PDXIndymedia. Bakunin:


People have reoccuppied! SW Park and Jefferson! 10am Saturday, the 19th

Come down. Bring people, tents and supplies. Occupation 2.0! Come show your support!


For more info:

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One Response to New Occupation Now!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Portland Occupark/Parkupation 2.0

    For Immediate Release

    As wall street and the banks have occupied our government, our livelihoods, and our ability to thrive; we shall continue to occupy everywhere to express, communicate and educate our fellow Portlandians of the issues in manners guaranteed by the constitution of the United States of America.

    Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Frances I. McIntyre ruled that the Boston occupation had the right to assemble and erect tents and structures to be able to voice their freedom of speech and expression; we too urge Oregon judges and the Oregon Supreme court to stand with Judge McIntyre in protecting our rights to educate the public in in the tradition of the Oregon justices championing free speech. We see the occupation of physical space an intrinsic aspect to voicing our concerns and enabling conversation to find solutions.

    We are calling our strategy of Occupying Everywhere, “Occupark/Parkupation 2.0”. Today, Saturday November 19 we are occupying at the corner of Jefferson and Park. Tomorrow is Occupy your block. Next week we have Occupy Cafes. Please keep checking and for events and updates. The physical occupation is only one small aspect of the movement. We are already drafting legislation to address the grievances voiced by OWS and the public. We are working with local banks and Oregonians to move their money to local credit unions and regional banks. We have petitioned city commissioners and the mayor’s office to remove tens of millions of Portland’s dollars from Wells Fargo and put it locally. We are working with outreach and faith organizations to help Portland’s unhoused communities to have safe places to sleep and healthy food to eat.

    Mayor Sam Adams and Chief of Police/Mayoral candidate Mike Reese stated the reasons for closing the previous Portland Occupation encampment as the environment had elements of danger in it. We recognize these concerns as valid, although the reasons cited are issues that society has to contend with regardless whether or not the encampment exists. Nonetheless, Occupark 2.0 will be addressing these issues proactively by having an enforced code of conduct, by working directly with city officials and social concerns to ensure all aspects of the occupation are safe, healthy and to code.

    We welcome the city of Portland and all our fellow citizens from anywhere and everywhere to come down and join us and engage in conversations. By facilitating discussions with our neighbors, we can address the many issues the 99% of Americans face to create a future that is livable, sustainable and allows us all to live and thrive fruitfully. The American Dream has been broken for too many people for too long. It is time the voice and interests of the people be heard and accounted for. The Portland Occupation is our voice to accomplish this.

    Come join us.

    Occupy Portland

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