This revolution is still very young


In the early 1900’s when the first Fenians called for an independent Ireland they were mocked by their own people. They took a post office and many of them ended up being killed. In fact most Irish people at that time had never seen the tri-color flag or even understood that the harp was a standard Irish symbol. Ireland had been conquered for 700yrs so the Irish people forgot who they were. Most didnt even speak Gaelic. Irish people at that time saw themselves as subject to the crown. A crown that would always exist. A crown that would always rule over them. In fact they considered the Empire as “normal.”

we have many similarities. Here in Cascadia we have been ruled by a colonial empire for 152yrs. We view our imperial government as “normal.” We have lost our original tounge (Chinook). We have accepted the United States as the true government of our normal existence.

The reality is that the United States of America has been a nation for 236yrs. It has been at war for 206 of those years. It is not a normal nation. It is an empire. It expanded from 13 colonies to 50 states (and multiple territories) through violence and theft. The lower 48 states span across a vast 3000 mile expanse. The leadership of that nation is not representative of any local population.

Because the Empire is so vast. It can only build national unity through commercialism. As the empire evolved it created a system of mass materialism which bonded different cultures together through love of material goods and relative economic stability.

As commercialism/materialism/economic stability begins to crumble so does the national identity of the United States.

I say all this to make one point. I am not concerned about how people “feel” about our movement. Just like the Irish Fenians of the early 20th century I recognize our cause is not popular. But it is right. We should not be economically ruled by a government 3000 miles away nor by a financial system that has more in common with a den of thieves then with local responsible business. I have no problem interrupting the comfortable lives of the mass population. Especially with actions that point to the injustice of both the Imperial Government and the economic system which supports it.

Anytime you go against an empire. Your neighbors will mock you, the media will trivialize you, the government will both ignore you and try to crush you. People will wonder why you just cant work with the system, and mass culture will question your every move. Remember they do all these things out of fear. They fear you. They fear your message. They fear the fact that you will sacrifice comfort for liberty. They fear you because you will sacrifice comfort for honesty and truth. They fear you because you cannot be bought with money. They fear you because you will not accept their version of “normal life.” They fear you because with your words and actions you shine a light into the darkest corners of their empire and you reveal all the dirty things that they would like to keep hidden.

Our movement is a revolution. This revolution is still very young. People are still asleep. It is our duty to wake them up. To show them the darkest corners of our Empire. It is our duty to reveal the sick complexity of our economic system gone wrong.

This duty is not easy. We will be mocked. We will be judged daily. We will be terrorized by the Imperial Government. We will be scorned by a public that is still asleep. But we will win. We are awakening. The People are awakening. We will no longer be ignored.

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