Is Occupy Portland close to Anarchy? – from the Oregonian


From the Oregonian. by Samoht1:

Is Occupy Portland close to Anarchy?

Occupy Portland has joined the call by Occupy Oakland to close Ports on the West Coast on Dec12.. It has been debated at Portland’s General Assembly many times..OP has withheld support until last night. During the open debate many had concerns about the Unions not supporting the closure. The International Longshore and Warehouse Union have said they do not support the port closure. Other unions who work the ports also have said no. The 50,000 strong ILWU is concerned about their workers being put into a dangerous showdown with police and protesters.

The first Port closure on Nov. 2 was done to support the Wildcat strike of Longview Longshoreman and was not endorsed by the ILWU. That closure done by Occupy Oakland was to show support for Local 21 Union members fighting to protect their jobs from companies who are hiring non union workers at the Longview port shipping grain . The Union has worked the ports in Longview for 70 years. Local 21 in Longview has also said they do not support the port closure. There is a slim chance that the Democratic Union Members of Local 21 will vote for a walkout but again it would be a Wildcat strike..Heavy fines and other reasons probably will prevent Local 21 from participating or endorsing the upcoming attempted shutdown.

The proposal introduced by Oakland and now endorsed by Occupy Portland has a clause in it that says the Union Arbitrator Must be on-line before protest. They want Longshoreman to not cross Community Picket lines. This will not happen. The Union says it will not keep workers off the job..The protest would have to be declared dangerous by the Arbitrator for workers to be pulled. It would not happen before the protest which the proposal calls for. OP supporters participating in the public picket line closure would be in violation of the written proposal if the proposal language is not changed. This is very serious situation to ask people to protest not knowing they are breaking the rules of their own proposal..I encourage people to read the proposal on Occupy Oakland’s web site or a smaller version on Occupy Portland’s site..Both call for the Union Arbitrator to be part and participate in the Port Action..This will not happen and OP has brushed over this language in the proposal. The qualifier written into the approved proposal will carry no weight.

Occupy Portland is close to breaking its own rules and this is a concern of mine.Occupy has good intentions but for me to agree with this closure without Union support is not something I would endorse. It is a form of misleading Anarchy.

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1 Response to Is Occupy Portland close to Anarchy? – from the Oregonian

  1. STAARFOX says:

    obviously, uh, the taxpayers here don’t know much about worker solidarity. have you never heard of this before? This is the reality of striking/pickets these days with the anti-worker labor laws in place. if the union wanted to strike with the community on this one, they can’t. Otherwise they face fines. An arbitrator is called in to assess whether the picket line is “safe” for the workers to cross or not. This is what the laws are. Can you believe it? Work has to be unsafe in order for them to go on strike. Why aren’t you talking about that? This is forced obedience. You shamelessly know nothing about this, once again, but are all too proud to talk smack.

    If you are a real community of people who want real solidarity, you have to be willing to go that distance. You got the 8 hour day because of illegal and criminalized working class strikes. It wasn’t because you wrote your congressman and got the rights. the article is a misleading form of ignorance, actually.

    taxpayers, you’re weak and have no memory. what’s the matter, you need teenage radicals to tell you what’s up?

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