From PDXIndymedia:

On the night of Wednesday November 30.2011 anarchists vandalized Paxton Gate, a wealthy boutique inhumanely supplying non-human animals and their parts. Windows were splashed with buckets of paint and on the side walk in front of the store was written “Fuck Paxton Gate”. This was in solidarity with non-human struggles everywhere, and against the fight of inherent racism–gentrification.

We’re not free until we all [including non-humans] are free.

Against all oppressions,

***When Paxton Gate opened one year ago in a retail space in the new condominiums on Mississippi Avenue, many people, including long-term residents, were disgusted that yet another fancy-schmancy boutique would open in a neighborhood experiencing a new-age style racial and class segregation process called “gentrification.” The cycle of red-lining this neighborhood while it was predominantly people of color, followed by the misappropriation of city-money that facilitates the displacement of people of color and low-income people, was and is not accidental.

Additionally, people were disgusted to find out that they were selling body parts that were from fur farms. Fur farms are notoriously cruel and unnecessary businesses that cater to human vanity and arrogance. After initial protests, the Portland Paxton Gate store stopped carrying the tails from foxes and other non-humans that were said to have come from fur farms. However, these items can still be purchased from Paxton Gate via the internet. Also, many other body parts, including mink skulls and penis-bones are still sold at the store. After the initial outrage at Paxton Gate’s support of the cruel fur industry the owners stopped divulging information about from where they get their body parts***

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