DB Cooper case “about to be closed” – famous extortionist & airplane hi-jacker from Portland/Seattle – public FBI symposium today

DB Cooper has never been caught. An author of a new book says the FBI can close the case soon with new evidence, but the FBI does not have enough evidence. There is a free symposium happening today, right now – Portland Hilton starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday. The FBI is there, so if you’re D.B. Cooper or a D.B. Cooper lookalike, or just a fan, FYI.


From Northwest Cable News. Dec 2:

Relative of DB Cooper suspect says case about to be closed

It’s one of the Northwest’s most enduring mysteries – the disappearance of hijacker DB Cooper during 1971 Portland to Seattle flight.

“I knew he did it, it wasn’t speculation, I was there when he pulled into the driveway,” said Marla Cooper, who claims her uncle LD Cooper is DB Cooper.

She says he was badly injured the morning after the hijacking.  Her father told her never to speak of what she saw and heard in Sisters, or that Thanksgiving morning.

However, about a year ago she took her story to the FBI along with some of her late uncle’s personal items.

On Wednesday, she claims the agent in charge of the case told her they hoped to match fingerprints from her uncles toothbrush to prints lifted from the hijacked 727.

“Regardless of the findings of the fingerprints, he told me the case was closing because they were certain my uncle did it,” said Cooper who now lives in Oklahoma City, but is in the Portland area this week visiting family.

FBI officials admit they’re testing personal items from LD Cooper, but say the case is not closed and won’t comment on the future of the case.

The FBI has called Marla Cooper a credible witness.

Last week she spoke at a DB Cooper symposium on the 40th anniversary of the famous hijacking. She’s working on a book about her uncle who died 12 years ago and is buried in Sisters.


a well dressed man


From The Oregonian. Nov 24:

D.B. Cooper panel hopes to ‘break new ground’ at public symposium in Portland

The case of D.B. Cooper, the only unsolved airplane hijacking in United States history, may soon lose that distinction.

Or at least that’s the hope of a man who is playing host at a symposium in Portland on Saturday about the infamous 40-year-old incident.

“There’s going to be some discussion of new terrain,” said Geoffrey Gray, author of “SKYJACK: The Hunt for D. B. Cooper.”

The symposium, which is open to the public, will take place in the Pavilion East room of the Portland Hilton starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday. It will bring together many of the key people involved with investigating the case.

“Nowhere on the planet has a more eclectic group of sleuths assembled in the same room to solve such a puzzling and obsessive whodunit,” said Gray, a contributing editor at New York Magazine.

Gray said the event is free but he hopes that those who attend will make a donation to offset the event expenses.

The list of invited guests includes former FBI Special Agent Ralph Himmelsbach; parachute jumper Mark Metzler; paleontologist Tom Kaye; Brian Ingram, who found some of the ransom money on the Columbia River banks in 1980; and Marla Cooper, who made headlines this August when she claimed her uncle was D.B. Cooper.

Marla Cooper, who made a research trip from Oklahoma City to Portland before the symposium, said she has spent much of her time since August gathering pieces of information about her uncle from her relatives and giving it the FBI.

“I’m confident the case will be solved in the next few months,” the Sisters, Ore., native said. She cited pending DNA and fingerprint tests to confirm that her uncle, named Lynn Doyle Cooper, was the man who jumped out of the plane. She said she’ll be meeting with FBI Special Agent Curtis Eng next week to discuss the case.

Gray said he had to get a bigger meeting room than he originally booked to accommodate all the people who contacted him about attending or making a presentation.

“Here you will have for the first time — and likely the last — the most dogged, devout, creative, and informed Cooper sleuths, all of whom have come together to answer once and for all, 40 years later, who was D.B. Cooper,” he said in a news release.

The eight presentations will touch on subjects including suspects in the case, theories of how Cooper survived the jump, and why none of the ransom bills ever entered circulation.

“Cases like this are broken by the mental horsepower of normal people,” Gray said.

Himmelsbach testified in the Cooper case on the five-year anniversary of the hijacking to ask for an exception to the statute of limitations from going into effect. He said he doubts the case will ever be solved. “We don’t have all the facts,” he said. Himmelsbach said he personally believes Cooper failed to survive the jump, which took place between Seattle and Portland.

Despite his personal beliefs, however, Himmelsbach said the investigation will remain open until a Department of Justice order requests the court dismiss the outstanding warrant.

Based on continued interest in the case from the FBI and the public, Gray holds out hope the case may be solved.

“Am I going to unmask Cooper in front of everybody? Maybe….Maybe he’ll just show up. I encourage him to do so.”

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One Response to DB Cooper case “about to be closed” – famous extortionist & airplane hi-jacker from Portland/Seattle – public FBI symposium today

  1. Grey Coast Anarchist News says:

    As an update, they still don’t know anything.

    Face it. you’ll never catch him, coppers.

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