Frontenac, MO: Spraypainted “Occupy Portland” entryway costs the wealthy 1% $80,000 to replace

From Anonaminita:

The image below is not from Portland, Oregon. It is alien crop circle art from a wealthy suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.

Click here to watch the Fox St. Louis news report on this terrible, horrific incident.

“I think this, uh, really accomplishes, uh, nothing.

All it does is disrupt…”

Oh don’t act so fucking clueless. Disrupting you is accomplishing your disruption. You didn’t wake up from seeing the alien sign, however. They keep going like a well-oiled machine. (That’s it! it’s a well-oiled machine! I’m finally waking up!)

This time aliens beautified a sterile $80,000 symbol of corruption, and won a lot of gratitude from all over the earth. But what do the corrupt ones do? Instead of keeping the gift the way it was given, they want to replace it. Here’s to hoping property values in that neighborhood plummet because there’s a sign of life.

Frontenac (Wikipedia)


From AntistateSTL. Dec 2:

Vandals hit Frontenac neighborhood overnight
November 30, 2011
Jeff Small

Original Story and Video from KSDK

Frontenac, MO (KSDK) – Vandals hit a Frontenac neighborhood and what they wrote is getting everyone’s attention.

Police say they’re using the Occupy movement to do the damage. It happened at the entrance to Portland Estates off Geyer road just south of Clayton.

Residents are very upset, meantime police believe someone left messages to make it look like they are tied to the occupy movement.

Wednesday night, vandals scrawled two large messages on the concrete columns which were just put up less than a month ago. One message said “occupy” while the other said “wake up.”

“The occupy term anyone can put that on their whether that’s their cause or no so it’s not really that and it’s the damage they have done to our front entrance after we’ve worked a year and a half to put it in place,” said resident John Jordan.

Residents in the neighborhood association are also upset because they came up with the $80,000 to pay for the new entrance.

Right now police aren’t aware of a motive but said they think the vandalism is the work of someone simply trying to get attention.

Neighbors are putting up a $2,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for the vandalism.

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