Seattle: On the Capitol Hill Occupation – 8 hours of life in a dead world

From PSA:

On the Capitol Hill Occupation: 8 hours of life in a dead world

Background: Last night around 75 people entered an enormous empty building on Capitol Hill after a march entitled, “You Can’t Evict an Idea! Occupy Everything”. Hundreds of people came in and out of the building: writing slogans, dancing with friends to live bands, giving speeches, and sharing food. The building is set to be demolished shortly for luxury apartments. Police and SWAT raided the building at 3AM that morning. 13 arrests.

We have all dreamed of it. Some of have even seen it before, but never here, never in Seattle. They say it’s too liberal, too clean, that our time has passed, that the city is theirs.

Last night we shattered their mirage. We all felt the specter of our own possibilities as we ran through that empty vast building. What before was dead, we made alive. Those who entered acquaintances, left comrades.

The building may lie dead again but the life that was breathed into it lives in each body that entered its beautiful expanse.

Capitalism may kill us. The crisis may torture us. But the revolutionary spirit of our possibilities makes us immortal.

You can’t evict an idea!
Everything for Everyone!

The text handed out at the door can be found here:


Banner=Seattle Occupy-Social War “In it to win it” & West Coast Port Shutdown poster on door.

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One Response to Seattle: On the Capitol Hill Occupation – 8 hours of life in a dead world

  1. anonymous says:

    congrats on holding it down. Gave ppl good ideas.

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