Homeowner intends to Occupy when her Portland home is Foreclosed – Unsettle Portland & We Are Oregon // Demo

From Unsettle Portland. Dec 6:

Dec. 6 Eviction Defence Press Conference

Unsettle Portland gathered with We Are Oregon and dozens of neighbors and community members this morning to stand alongside homeowner Debbie Austin as she publicly declared her intention to stay in her home after she is served an eviction notice in March.  She and her husband, Ron, are cancer survivors and were forced to take out a second mortgage to pay for their health care leading to bankruptcy, and finally foreclosure. Debbie said that when the sheriff comes knocking, she won’t be leaving. Unsettle Portland prepared the statement below and spoke to the press, offering Debbie and Ron full support throughout this eviction defense.

Statement for the Press, 12/6/11:

Unsettle Portland is a grassroots organization, and a local affiliate of the Take Back the Land movement, dedicated to community control of land and housing.  We are here as part of the evolution of Occupy Wall Street as it shifts into supporting the people who are on the front lines of the premeditated mortgage crisis. People who are facing imminent eviction, even as thousands of houses remain empty in every major city.

We are here today to let these homeowners, Ron and Deb Austin, as well as homeowners everywhere, know that there are organizers and activists of all kinds, who are interested in supporting your right to stay in your home.  The political-economic system has once again failed the people of this country.  You already know that Mayor Sam Adams is available for some well-worded hand-wringing when an eviction notice is issued.  You already know that the media talking heads are prepared to dedicate moments of their newscast to some head-shaking when another family is put out onto the street.

What we want you to know right here, right now, is that we are here in solidarity today, and we will be here in solidarity when the sheriff’s office comes knocking, because this is your home, and it is a human right to have housing.  No bank, no predatory financial institution has a right to take that away from you. Especially not when they were bailed out with our money. Especially after they made billions of dollars by preying on those of us made vulnerable through a system of economic injustice which affects access to health care, quality education and meaningful employment.

This is your home.  As long as you stand in it, we will stand with you.  We are the 99% and its time to unsettle the banks.

Thank you.

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