New Collective: Rose City Resistance

New collective: Rose City Resistance.

From Rose City Resistance. Dec 4:

The United States: A History of Occupation

Cities across the United States from Oakland to New York have violently cracked down on the Occupy movement. Local city governments have cried about park damages, police overtime, cleanliness, camp safety and a plethora of other exuses and issues in order to make the crackdowns appear legal and normal. Yet one only needs to look at the history of the United States to realize that the only real American normal is occupation itself. The reason our occupation has been so violently removed from public space is because for once in American history it is the people occupying instead of the government or the corporations to which it is beholden.

The United States of America is not new to the occupation game. In fact it is we the people who have shown up rather late in the game. The Federal Government of the United States has been occupying continental America since 1776. Our predecessor, The British Empire, had been occupying the east coast of North America since 1607. The original 13 colonies were in fact British occupations of land which they had no right to claim. When those 13 colonies seperated from the British Empire they didnt just stay and hold their own land. No, They expanded rapidly using violence, trickery, slavery, and big business. In fact the Federal Government of the United States has been at war for 206 of its 236 years of existence. Beyond just the states, the Federal Government also occupies territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico. Why?

Its all about the benjamins. War is big money and so is territorial expansionism. Screw the natives, use and abuse the working class, but for god sake keep expanding. When national territory expands so does opportunity and economy according to the capitalist model. Which is the model the Federal government not only adopted but damn near worshiped. Expansionism inevitably creates conflict with people who already live in the land that your trying to occupy. However this isnt really a problem. Its actually quite beneficial because then you can go to war. War is always good for business. The government creates money to pay the arms makers, arms makers make new weapons in order to get new contracts, soldiers get paid to fight which means that many young people are employed. War does amazing things for economy. Dont believe me? Check out Major General Smedley Butlers book War is a Racket which explains in depth the US War machine and its profitability.

Its not just the federal government who occupies. Its also all the transnational corporations. They occupy your television, internet, billboards, magazines, favorite youtube videos etc. with advertisements galore. Try spending one day without looking at advertisements. Its impossible if you live in an urban area. Their message is all around you. Buy, Buy, Buy and Buy some more.  Its not the only way they occupy. They also occupy foriegn countries where they can abuse cheap labor in order to make it affordable for you to buy, buy, and buy some more.

So if the Federal Government can Occupy multiple nations through war, and territorial expansion, and Transnational Corporations can Occupy almost everything around you; Then why cant you occupy a simple park? Because you threaten them. You, the people, have entered directly into competition with them. And you didnt even realize it. Your message absolutely contradicts everything that the Transnational Corporations and the Federal Government stand for. Do you think that they want to be reformed? Their whole structure has been built on occupation for profit. Thats been their modus operandi since the foundation of the Federal Government 1776. They Occupy stolen land! They promote wars of prolongued occupation for profit. Think about it! the Federal Government still occupies bases in Germany, Guam, Japan, Italy, and Great Britian from WWII! They promote transnational corporate occupation of finance through the corrupt banking system. These are facts! And its for these reasons that they will not let you Occupy! They will not enter into competition with you. They will crush you and they will use every excuse and justification that they can come up with to do so.

So what do you do? You occupy. You give them a taste of their own bitter medicine. You make bold statements.
You say “as long as the federal government occupies native lands then I will occupy this public park”
You say “as long as the Federal government occupies Iraq and Afghanistan then I will occupy this public park”
You say ” as long as we have military bases occupying any nation overseas, then I will occupy this public space”
You say “as long as we have soldiers camping anywhere around the world, then I will camp in this public space”
You say “as long as the federal reserve prints exorbant amounts of money in order to occupy an indebted congress then I will occupy this public space”
You say “as long as wealthy politicians occupy corporate bought public office, they I will occupy this public space”

Realize that you have entered into a war of Occupation. A war that the United States is well versed in. We are the newcomers here. But we have numbers. We have solidarity and most important We have truth. Continue to occupy. Continue the fight for justice and equality!

In Solidarity
Rose City Resistance

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