Houseless vs. Homeless Question

From anarchist. Dec 8:

Houseless vs. Homeless

I’ve noticed other anarchists prefer to say “houseless” as opposed to “homeless” but essentially we are talking about the same thing. Or are we? What is the difference if there is one. I don’t understand exactly, or whether this is an device to change the political language of “homeless” to suggest they simply don’t own or rent houses. If I continue to say “homeless” if you say “houseless” is somebody going to think I’m a jerk? I’m houseless myself… ya never know. And to me I’m not a jerk. Personally i refer to my as a home as a “place.”

So being “placeless” would be awful. “Landless” sounds even worse. But most people ARE placeless and landless, they just occupy “spaces” whether it’s a jail cell or a sterile apartment, or a student dorm, or a house, or small bench in the park.

“Imprisoned” is the least desirable description of your living situation. What’s better – being “imprisoned” or “incarcerated” or “jailed” or “serving time” or an “inmate at ___” or something else?

I’m serving time. Maybe I’m just an inmate of the city of Portland, incarcerated by everyday life. Fucking nice food ya’ll got here though. Anarchist vegan jail food … for once.

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