Sam Adams, The 1%’s Favorite Mayor – Renegade PDX

From Renegade PDX. Dec 7.

Sam Adams, The 1%’s Favorite Mayor
by Dan Hagan

Mayor Sam Adams would like to steer the Occupy Movement away from anything local. Going so far as to have the arrogance to patronize Occupy Portland that this is about “national” issues like Corporate personhood. The Mayor has presided over a 26% swing in Public approval of the City’s handling of  help for the needy while those same needy are seen on the streets downtown making it less appealing. That’s being done at the same time he allowed giving breaks on rent to some of the richest people in the state. and giving millions and millions to develop the South water front and tram for the richest in the state, again. If that isn’t fighting for the one percent and forgetting about people who live houseless, I don’t know what is.

The gap between the traditional Institutional Power and the Occupy Movement is vast. Institutional Power believes that working with the system is the way to go. For people who’ve had privilege and access to Institutions, that makes perfect sense. And we were raised to believe that you can participate in democracy and have access to institutions but  people have no faith in the system anymore. They believe that it is corrupt and doesn’t address their concerns or basically work for them. Institutional Power doesn’t understand that an entirely different approach to living is in it’s germination phase. They don’t understand this is beyond the old two party paradigm or even politics. This is about a younger world connecting globally and understanding globally. Things older people in the system have missed out on. They are being replaced by something they don’t understand.

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1 Response to Sam Adams, The 1%’s Favorite Mayor – Renegade PDX

  1. Anon says:

    he’s smart guy. he’s not evil.

    you can’t have a mayor promote “anarchy” and horizontal networks (they would destroy themselves.) — the closest thing would be a socialist mayor. but this is the whole problem with politics. a socialist mayor is a mayor, and that’s authoritarian, and it has its own set of issues. Take the power away from them. How? empower yourself to make decisions about locally important things. every time you do something for yourself you’re undermining their ability to credit themselves. i think we anarchists could also do some damage by highlighting what we do that makes them unneeded.

    Who says they’re going to demolish the park next door?
    Who says a police substation is going in next door?
    Who says we need pavement on our block?
    Who says the police need to talk to the neighbors who are fighting?

    … if we take responsibility…


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