Mercury, rise, unmask their undercover lies!

From Staarfox. Dec 10:

From Day One of #OccupyPortland there was little sense arguing if police were infiltrating #OccupyPortland or not — unless only to argue whether this time they painted the roses red or black. This week, The Mercury (local Portland art magazine) unmasked two plainclothes officers out of curiosity. It isn’t everyday a local alt-magazine goes out of its way to investigate the lies of the police. It’s never the day local corporate media pursue anything like that. The post in the Mercury shows police were leading on writer/blogger Dennis Theriault about Portland Police Bureau infiltrations until the evidence was mildly irrefutable, at which point they simply provided him with a different line of rhetoric, as always.

Corporate and legal “discoveries” are like this. At first the pigs deny accusations of brutality or spying or secret operations. It’s a secret, duh, they’re not going to tell you about it. But once evidence is stacked against them they won’t say they lied to you in the first place either. Pigs are tricksters of public relations, but pigs are also pretty dumb and get caught up in their lies easily. They sweat (like pigs) at press conferences if you smell them out and call their shit. It takes a spell-broken trickster to catch them off guard. At that point, they’ll take off the mask and say they did this, or say they still do this, for your own good — and it’s more “standard” and “acceptable” and truly more banal that you really think. So don’t be naive, say the pigs. There’s no need to worry. Cops are low-level guardians of capital, and masking the reality of capitalism is part of the noble lie. This is how the NDAA bill (indefinite detention without a trial act) is playing out, too. Everything in that bill the pigs have been doing for a long, long time. Only now they’re trying to find out how much they can unmask by passing a new law. They’ve always been able to do those things. How many scandals and unsolved mysteries would have to happen before they took off the masks and admit it was already the law.


– How deep does the rabbit hole go?

– How many rabbits go into the deep hole?


– Stars are tricks playing minds on you.

– Tricks are minds playing stars on you.

– Minds are stars playing tricks on you.




From Portland Mercury. Dennis Theriault. Dec 7:

Police Respond to Video Showing Plainclothes Cops at Occupy Portland Meeting

Last week, I wrote a story that looked at Occupy Portland’s growing tactical awareness that the Portland Police Bureau has been—and will continue to be—keeping close tabs on the movement, either by openly attending or watching meetings, but also by relying on information passed along by sources among Occupy.

One question was whether the bureau was also sending plainclothes officers to Occupy events and meetings. Police spokesman Sergeant Pete Simpson told me “there was no need” because so much of what Occupy does is out in the open. Turns out that may not have been exactly gospel.

In the comments of my story, someone posted the following video, which clearly shows to plainclothes officers attending an Occupy general assembly days at Tom McCall Waterfront Park before the big launch march on October 6.

I sent Simpson a link last week and reminded him about what he said in the paper. His response came Tuesday. In an earlier conversation before he viewed the link, he also told me that if there really was an effort to send plainclothes officers into Occupy he “could neither confirm nor deny” that kind of operation.

On the YouTube video, at the time the officers were in Waterfront Park, there was no information about the size, scope or nature of the march that was being planned. If you recall, there was no permit obtained or route shared about the original October 6 march. Officers in uniform, and plainclothes walked through the public park where the meeting was held to learn more about the planned event; specifically, potential size, route, stopping points, etc.; logistical information that would assist the Police Bureau in developing an appropriate response and securing resources for the march as well address the concerns that marchers would be marching in the streets without a permit and blocking traffic (potential criminal activity). They were not there to gather information on anyone’s political views or anything like that as our officers are well aware of the state law prohibiting such activities.

The officers featured in the video regularly work a plainclothes assignment.

Interestingly, an officer outed after hanging out in plainclothes at Occupy Oakland filmed a video saying he supported the movement. Reports out of Los Angeles also indicate infiltration there, too.


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