Dec. 12 Black Bloc! Be prepared!

From PDXIndymedia. Dec 10:

Call for a black bloc to join with the workers in the west coast port shut down on 10/12. Meet at 6am at Kelley Point Park for the first shift, and/or at 4pm for the evening shift. Look for banners and flags near the main meet up point at the park to indicate where the black bloc will be coordinating. Come with affinity groups, and come prepared!

The uses of black bloc have been increasingly effective at defending ourselves from arrest and potential targeting by police. We can expect the police to be as violent toward this march as they have been at any previous march in portland and as such it is in our interest to come as prepared as possible to defend ourselves and our comrades from attack. In the past black bloc has been one of the most substantial means of protecting each other from arrest or aggression from police and provocateurs. Come prepared to help the workers shut down the port on monday, and to defend them and those of similar interest against police aggression.

A few suggestions to those intending to participate:

*Come prepared for the police to use pepper spray/tear gas. Consider bringing some or all of the following: goggles, extra bandannas, antacid+water mix, drinking water, etc.

*Bring non-black clothes that are easy to change into.

*Discuss with people you know/people near you in the march potential arrest/unarrest scenarios. If you have reason to fear that you might be targeted be sure that the people near you are willing to unarrest and provide cover for you while you escape.

*Have a good idea of potential targets and escape routes in the areas that you expect to be. If possible scout them before hand and discuss it with other affinity group members.

*Remain with the bloc and try to keep the bloc together at all times. A sparse and incohesive bloc is easily penetrated and arrested.

*Expect people to want to increase the pressure on violent and exploitative institutions and agents thereof, and try to provide both visual and physical protection for those engaging in that form of struggle.

*Bring banners, flags loud chants and other forms of propaganda.


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