Eugene: anarchists celebrate Kropotkin’s birthday

No, it wasn’t a communist party … they’re self-proclaimed anarchists, get it right.


From Infoshop News. Dec 10:

Self-Proclaimed Anarchists Demonstrate In Eugene

December 9, 2011
KLCC 89.7 FM (Eugene, Oregon)
By Desmond O’Boyle

About 20 self proclaimed anarchists met in downtown Eugene today (Friday) to celebrate Peter Kropotkin’s (Kro-pot-kin’s) birthday.

The purpose of today’s demonstration was not only to recognize Kropotkin’s birthday but to show that not all anarchists are destructive. Organizer Warren Weisman explains.

Weisman- “What we want to do is just show people that anarchists are ordinary people, we’re not violent. We’re not window breakers, we’re not destroying anybody’s property. We just want to be heard. You know, people who don’t want government are in a very small minority in the United States.”

Participant Kristen Carpenter says Kropotkin tied in a great deal of evolutionary biology as a framework for how society should be organized.

Carpenter- “Rather than kind of acknowledging the idea that people will compete for resources and kind of battle themselves against each other, more of that individualist principle. He really proposed mutual aide in the sense that if you look at the successful social animals that are out there, the most successful species are species that are able to cooperate with one another and with other species.”

There was an eclectic turn out consisting of punk-rockers, elderly ladies, and middle-aged activists. They waved red and black flags to remind people of Kropotkin’s connection to “anarcho-communism.”

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