25,000$ News Camera Stolen at Port Action.

From PDX Indymedia. Dec 14:

25,000$ News Camera Stolen at Port Action.

Given the good deal of media-led misinformation//opposition to the west coast #d12 port shutdown, the presence of habitually unsympathetic local news crews at the blockaded terminals in Portland seemed to assure that our actions would be misrepresented beyond recognition. So when the opportunity arose to relieve KATU of a 25,000$ news camera, we did just that. Given KATU’s inclination to distort current events through the filthy lense of power, we figured they were no worse off filming their story from the muddy bottom of the Willamette. #splash.

-some folks.

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1 Response to 25,000$ News Camera Stolen at Port Action.

  1. anonymous says:

    KATU is owned by Fisher Communications, which owns 20 television stations and 8 radio stations in the western US.


    Fischer Communications has a very long history of broadcasting capitalist, corporate and statist propaganda to millions of viewers and listeners via program content, public service announcements, and commercial advertisements.


    Fisher Communications trades under symbol FSCI on the Nasdaq. Fisher Communications is a corporation with a market capitalization of $253 million.


    As of September 30, 2011, Bank of America owned 285,154 shares of FSCI worth $6,370,340.


    Towerview LLC owned 882,865 shares (10% of the company) worth $19,723,204. “Towerview Capital Management, LLC, is a private equity firm specializing in leveraged buyouts of middle-market companies in partnership with company management.”


    Colleen Brown is the Chief Executive Officer of Fisher Communications and made $1.1 million in compensation in a recent year.


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