Bellingham, WA: Rail Blockade Success! Super Bad-ass Communique

From PDX Indymedia. Dec 13:

Bellingham Successfully Blockade Railway in Solidarity with West Coast Port Actions

On December 12, 2011, an autonomous group, in solidarity with the West Coast Port Blockade, used U-locks around their necks to block and successfully shut down the BNSF railway in Bellingham. The flow of commerce headed for two of the blockaded ports, Seattle and Vancouver, was effectively stopped.

This action was in solidarity with the Bellingham community’s fight against earth-destroying industries including the struggle against the Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal. We are in solidarity with #Occupy and union actions from San Diego to Anchorage. Our allegiance to oppressed humans and non-humans is foundational to our struggle.

We draw inspiration from the five-hundred + years of ongoing Indigenous resistance to the corrupting agents of colonization.  We recognize that we are living on stolen land, and that the railway industries have always facilitated genocide against the native peoples of this land through land theft, displacement, and habitat destruction.

It makes us fucking sick to witness the unhindered invasion and wholesale destruction of wild spaces, as several trains pass through our home daily, carrying with them murdered forests, coal and oil. We are on the brink of complete environmental collapse, and if those in power don’t act to end this, we will.

In the coming months and years, we call upon communities from the Powder River Basin to the Pacific Coast to take direct action against SSA Marine’s proposed Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal. Only through sustained and coordinated community opposition and direct action, can we permanently disable this arm of the capitalist machine.

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2 Responses to Bellingham, WA: Rail Blockade Success! Super Bad-ass Communique

  1. Tee King says:

    I am one of the twelve arrested for lying on the railroad tracks. My night in jail was enlightening, giving me even more peaceful ammunition to use against a broken system, one that offers no rehabilitation to its “dregs of society”. If it did, I wouldn’t have encountered the teenaged frequent flyers at the Whatcom County Jail who all had similar stories of a government that simply was not there for them. I am proud to have been in the company with my comrades.

  2. The Bellingham 12 will go down in infamy. One of the bravest and most hard core actions to stop the deadly wheels of commerce. Thank you to my friends and colleagues in Bellingham who I get to work with at General Assembly to make our world a better place. You kick serious ass. If I didnt have little children I would have been U-locked next to you. Thank you for doing what I could not.

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