Military: A call to organize

From Rose City Resistance. Dec 10:

Military: A call to organize

You are a special class of individuals. You understand what it means to sacrifice. You know the hardships of military life and you know its rewards as well. I had the honor of serving with you for ten years. During those ten years I worked with the best and the brightest Americans that I will probably ever work with. They came from all walks of life. They were middle class kids from all over America, they were street smart kids from New York, former gangbangers from LA, immigrants from all over the world in search of a better life. I worked with former construction workers, high school dropouts, ivy league graduates, former office workers, fishermen, former actors and musicians. We came from all over the world and we served our nation with pride. We trained as family, we deployed as family, and we fought as family. I will never forget the amazing Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen that I served with.

In the Marines I learned the definition of Integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Our politicians and business leaders have no integrity. They have consistently lied to us about the wars, specifically the war on terror. They have sent us to war under a banner of half truths and lies. They have slaughtered our brothers and sisters in order to increase the size of their bank accounts. They know all to well that war is business. They have used us as pawns in the international game of finance and domination. They have acted outside the bounds of the constitution. They have used our labor to destroy two nations. Then they used us to rebuild those nations using massive unaccountable government contracts.

For far to long we have been used as the international police service of the bankers and transnational corporations. Many of us have fought honorably but we did not know what we were fighting for. It should be apparent to us that we not fighting for democracy or for the citizens of the United States. We were fighting for corporate interests and for corrupt politicians. It should make us angry that our brothers and sisters in arms were wounded and killed so that a few could pocket much. We worked tirelessly through many deployments so that the wealthy could profit from our labor. We have been seperated from our families for far to long. Those of you with children have missed births and birthdays. Your husbands and wives have gone without you for months even years at a time. You should be enraged that the reason for your seperation was not because you were defending the constitution of the United States, but rather that you were making a few people extremely wealthy from your labor.

Now it is our time to organize! It is our time to be heard. We have stayed out of politics and we have been abused because of our own failure to confront the illegal orders of the politicians and the Generals who work for them. Many of our own Generals have retired only to work as civilian lobbyists for the corporations and politicians who sent us to war. Those Generals, Officers and Senior Non Commissioned Officers who have retired to work as lobbyists have betrayed us. They profit off our labor. They profit off our injuries and deaths. They have lost their honor.

Now is the time to organize! It is up to junior grade officers, NCO’s, and the enlisted to stand up and do whats right. We need to organize! Marines and Soldiers we need to organize our platoons, our companies, our battalions, our regiments, and our divisions. Sailors and Coast Guard we need to organize our Sections, Divisions, and Ships. Airmen we need to organize our Flights and Squadrons. It is our time to be heard!

We organize by holding meetings after work. We form small unions on every base and station. We stand up for each other and we support each other. We can overpower the leadership. We out number them greatly. We can start by studying the labor struggle. We can begin by reading “War is a Racket” by Major General Smedley Butler. When your unit gets called for deployment you strike!  You dont show up to work en masse. When someone gets NJP’d or court martialed you show up with hundred or thousands to the Battalion Commanders office. We need to begin actively resisting. Listed below are some ways each of you can resist.

Supply NCO/troops: Order thousands of dollars of useless non-serialized items.
Armory NCO/troops: make weapons/nvgs ect. unserviceable.
Operations NCOs/troops: Fill the training calendars with classes on the labor movement specifically Major General Smedley Butler (2x medal of honor recipient)
Motor T/Maint: Order thousands of dollars of useless parts and make the vehicles unserviceable.
Enlisted: organize yourselves into groups and begin doing direct action on the base. Do banner drops, political graffiti under cover of night, print zines and leave them at the base library, rec center, gym, chapel, Battalion office etc. Go AWOL en masse and contact anarchist organizations or antiwar groups such as War Resisters League or Iraq Veterans Against War in other cities  for support.
Recruiters: pull low contracts or organize and strike.

Remember that every action no matter how small helps our cause. And our cause is to return to a constitutional military! Remember it is the political leadership that we fight not the United States. It is they who are seditious not us. It is they who are corrupt and bankrupting our military and our nation, not us. It is they who have ordered us to fight multiple wars for over a decade. We will hold them accountable! We have to hold them accountable!

Remember that We are strong, We are brave, We are the best and brightest of our nation. We will no longer tolerate being used by wealthy people to fight unconstitutional wars for their financial benefit!

Semper Fidelis
Rose City Resistance

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” -George Orwell

“War is like any other racket, pays high dividends to the very few. The cost of operations is always transferred to the people who do not profit.” -Marine Major General Smedley Butler

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