Random Hacks of Kindness Reportback


From March Hare Communications. Dec 14:

Random Hacks of Kindness was attended in Portland, OR by a few of us and was a good experience. We made progress on the Dead man’s Switch mobile application. We hope to be able to integrate this work in with the openwatch fork thet is under active development. We also made some progress in identifying unneeded packages installed by default with Operator Distribution as well as doing some research on provisioning skype and pidgin for clients. I was able to implement (the “decay” feature in the endtime module)[/node/310] for ushahidi so that we can have icons removed from the map when their time is up.

There is a group in Portland that will be meeting on Tuesdays at 6:30 PST. We will idle on IRC at #march-hare on irc.anarchyplanet.org if anyone wants to join in the fun. We are continually updating the issues for the different projects so check the different projects issue queues to see whats new.

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