NYE Jail Solidarity Noise Demonstration

From PDX Indymedia. Dec 22:

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Noise demo flier

New Year’s Eve noise demo outside juvie in response to the international call-out for actions against prisons!

This New Year’s Eve join us for a noise demonstration outside Portland’s Donald E. Long juvenile detention center. This is in response to the international call-out for noise demos and other actions against prisons, jails, and detention centers on New Year’s Eve. Bring signs, banners, pots and pans, drums, and anything else to make lots of noise. It’s time to let imprisoned folks know that we haven’t forgotten them!

Meet at 8:30 pm at the Rose Quarter Transit Center to take the MAX out there as a group or meet us there.

Donald E. Long Home
1401 N.E. 68th Street
Portland, Oregon 97213
(503) 988-3475

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