4CLOSI(n)G O(n) aRMaGEDDO(n): news/info & who’s doing what in Portland


We’re sensing a need for a semi-comprehensive update on what is going on in Portland, with foreclosures specifically, with the #occupy movement, and related types of actions and activisms. We’re going to list out what we know is going on in the foreclosures and squatting area, and the info list is definitely incomplete we know, but you can piece it together with what you’re aware of. So if you have additional information please post a comment here and we’ll update this update.



Different groups and affinities in Portland are focusing on different aspects of the foreclosures. We Are Oregon is mostly focusing on helping foreclosed-on families get back into their homes or remaining as squatters. Unsettle Portland is organizing these actions and also other projects, specifics we’re not sure about but there more info on their website. Occupy Portland is talking about foreclosures too, but to our knowledge Occupy Portland acts more like a reference point and/or as a community to plug-in to the other projects, and foreclosures are not the only interest to Occupy Portland as they are for other affinities. We see Occupy Portland playing an important plug-in role, however.

Occupy Portland:

For those who may not know this already Occupy Portland is hosting activities and organizing meetings and for about two weeks has held a rented office-like space / organizing HQ center in the St. Francis church building across the street from the Red & Black. There is also an affinity group of Occupy Portland called the Radical Caucus which meets at the St. Francis church. Then there are also Occupy Portland spokes councils which came out of the general assemblies. Their general assemblies are, to our knowledge, the only #occupy-related activity happening downtown at the moment besides the candle light vigils and possibly still their Occupy Cafe meetings. These events are always changing, so good resource for finding out about them is actually from the Portland Wiki –\ http://portlandwiki.org/PortlandWiki /– and click on the sidebar options for Occupy Portland.

Neighborhood Assemblies:

There are Southeast Portland neighborhood assemblies group which is mostly organized via a Facebook group. There is also a Southwest Portland affinity group which is more active than others. On the Portland Wiki page for neighborhood assemblies there are emails for assemblies in: Southeast, Northeast, West, North Portland, Gresham and Beaverton/Hillsdale. and several other Facebook-organized affinity groups within the local #occupy clusters.


Most of the #occupy-related organizing happens around specific action planning or specific organizings. For example, the Radical Caucus, the TUPAC art group, Portland Action Lab (that’s a group organizing the Portland F29 Shut Down the Corporations demo), Memetic Cascadia, and there’s a group organizing a local mutual-aid skill-exchange network, and undoubtedly many other groups and budding projects you can find more about from visiting the Occupy Portland space at St. Francis and asking. On their website is a list of the different sub-groups involved in Occupy Portland. Unintegrated though closely-related organizing/action groups with Occupy Portland are the Portland Bike Swarm, Unsettle Portland and the Occupy Voices group.


Foreclosure Auction Disruptions:

There are foreclosure auction disruptions going on in Portland. To get more involved with these check out UnsettlePortland.org, WeAreOregon.org/foreclosure, and the Occupy Portland website/forums.

Squat Skillshare Conference:

There’s word of an upcoming Portland squat skillshare conference or convergence. We’ll post the info here when this comes in.

R2D2 Encampment:

The R2D2 (Right 2 Dream Too) houseless encampment downtown is still in tact to our knowledge, and working through some of its community problems related to over-policing, police-framing and what to do about the cold weather and over-booking the available camping spaces. There are also occupy-affinity groups that are working in other localities. The Right 2 Survive website is a good resource for this encampment.

Grey Coast foreclosure news/info tag: https://greycoast.wordpress.com/tag/foreclosures

– Grey Coast A News


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