The Republicans Are Coming to Portland! CRASH The Primary Debate

From Facebook Events:

OCCUPY the Portland Republican Presidential Primary Debate!

Monday, March 19, 2012
6:00pm until 9:00pm

That’s Right the Republican Presidential Nominees will be debating right here in Portland Oregon! Lets show them what ‘Little Beruit’ is all about!

This debate will be watched all over the United States and will be available exclusively through public television. This is our chance to show the rest of the Nation that Portland does not support either the GOP or its discriminatory political platform!

Info on the Debate can be found here:

Official Oregon GOP News Release:

This Facebook Page is moderated. Any disrespect towards anybody thats a part of this event and the comment will be deleted. Remember to keep it positive, keep it fun, and keep it respectful!

If you have specific plans for this event this is not the place to post them. The page is visible to everybody on facebook. Please form an affinity group and plan accordingly. Remember Security Culture.

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