Central Oregon: Action Alert from the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

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From Earth First! Newswire. Jan 18, 2012:

Action Alert from the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

Wolves and lynx threatened by the “Deep” timber sale in Central Oregon

The Paulina Ranger District of Ochoco National Forest is planning to revive the “Deep” timber sale already defeated by us in court as the “Jackson’ sale, with very few changes and almost all the same commercial sale units.

This means that once again habitat for resident lynx, northern goshawk, pileated woodpeckers and for dispersing endangered gray wolves will be threatened by logging of this magnificent high elevation mixed conifer forest and that the area is at risk from “timber mining” as the forest is concentrated along stream drainages and may not recover from logging, resulting in streams drying up and permanent forest loss. Please call the Ochoco Forest Supervisor, Kate Klein, and ask that the Jackson sale be cancelled for these reasons: 541-416-6500

About Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

Since our inception in 1991 in rural eastern Oregon, our mission has been to protect, defend, and restore the natural ecosystems of the Blue Mountains and eastern Oregon Cascades bioregions. Our efforts include proactive public education on ecological issues, forest surveys and documentation of proposed public lands projects (timber sales, road building, livestock grazing, herbicide and biocide programs, etc.), training, ongoing involvement in public lands policy management decisions, and litigation in federal courts to protect the biodiversity and ecological integrity of the region.

BMBP has been hard hit by the ongoing national Depression and is in danger of going under entirely. However, thanks to a handful of dedicated major donors, support from the Fund for Wild Nature, and the passion and hard work of our summer and fall volunteer interns and dedicated activist lawyers and law students, we have managed to keep our work going, so far.

A grassroots group such as BMBP accomplishes far more in a year than seems conceivable for such a low amount of funding, with a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness compared to most of the top-heavy, bureaucratic larger environmental organizations.

The difference is our close relationship with the public lands we seek to protect, our extensive time spent in the field with the wildlife, and the passion that engenders to keep us working hard even when we are volunteering our time. We hope that you share our commitment to keeping eastern Oregon wild and beautiful for the great diversity of wildlife that live there, for future generations of human residents and visitors, and for the long-term ecological integrity of watersheds, rivers, soils, forest, high desert, and climate.

-Thank your Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
27803 Williams Lane
Fossil, Oregon 97830
(541) 385-9167

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