Bullshit “Tentative Settlement” in Longview

From Anonaminita:

An article on PIMC today says WA Governor Gregoire reached a “cease-fire” and a “tentative settlement” regarding EGT and ILWU, to prevent to blockade planned for the next ship arrival in Longview.

The PIMC moderators delete my comment, so I will say here: it is very stupid to assume there is any settlement. The only reason they are doing this (now especially) is to prevent the blockade. It is a strategy. Why would someone take what the governor and the media say at such face value? god dam.. people born yesterday? It’s fucking embarrassing. I’ve been to enough demos and seen this plenty of times to know, making tentative settlements never means anything. It’s like making treaties with the natives. It’s the 1st thing they do to avoid getting messy. It’s social control 101, pay the fuck attention.

If you’re going to declare that the “clash” has been “averted” and that there’s a “cease-fire” etc. etc. you better exercise some good fucking judgment first. I’m not saying the press conference didn’t happen. I’m saying fuck a press conference. Never declare that a momentum is basically deflated unless there is general agreement from rank and file workers, and anybody organizing the blockade. These people have been talking about it, getting together and doing shit… were you? How insulting to them that you’d side automatically with a highly-managed press conference from the bourgeoisie! hot off the press without talking to anybody in real life first. This was all coming from the union’s highest bureaucracy level, the corporate EGT spokespeople, and the state. What a collusive effort that was!


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Portland Indymedia. Jan 24, 2012:

 Last minute settlement averts clash at Washington’s Port of Longview

(01-23-12) Months of acrimonious conflict preceded this last minute agreement mediated by Washington’s Governor, and it was feared that the US Coast Guard was prepared to intervene on behalf of EGT Development. Occupy Portand had joined in solidarity with union protests, and a major action took place today just as the Governor decided to intervene and call the parties together.

Gov. Gregoire announces tentative settlement between EGT and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union

For Immediate Release: January 23, 2012

OLYMPIA – Gov. Chris Gregoire today announced that EGT and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union reached a tentative settlement on pending legal issues surrounding labor disputes at EGT’s grain export facility in Longview.

“I asked EGT and ILWU to come together in a good faith effort to overcome their differences,” Gregoire said. “Both parties should be commended for their willingness to work together and compromise. This framework reflects considerable effort to put the interests of the Longview community and the entire Columbia River basin first. I am confident an agreement can be reached that will satisfy both parties and allow the new grain terminal to become fully operational.”

“We are pleased to announce that after a series of discussions convened by Governor Gregoire, the ILWU and EGT have reached a tentative settlement to resolve the pending legal matters between the parties and the Port of Longview,” said EGT CEO Larry Clarke. “While the parties are still working to finalize certain conditions over the next several days, we are optimistic we can resolve the dispute and get on with the business of operating the facility. From the beginning, we had two core goals – to operate this 21st Century facility safely and efficiently and to ensure the entire Longview Community shares in the economic benefits this facility will provide. We are optimistic this process will help us reach both of these objectives.”

“This is a win for the ILWU, EGT, and the Longview community,” said ILWU President Robert McEllrath. “I want to thank Governor Gregoire for her leadership in working with both parties to find common ground. The ILWU has eight decades of grain export experience in the Northwest, and we look forward to the opportunity to develop a positive working relationship with EGT.”


Recent actions by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union are documented here:


And the current work of EGT Development (Export Grain Terminal, bringing US Grain to Asian markets is discussed here:


The Governor’s press release was presented here:


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One Response to Bullshit “Tentative Settlement” in Longview

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Coast Guard, cops, EGT, etc. might as well declare a “cease-fire” if they could, and it would be in their interest to do so…. think about it. Think before you repost articles like they’re based on the work of “solidarity.” What solidarity? Between who? The idiocy is all over the place. Might as well have been EGT who posted this info, for all anybody knows, unless further info from reliable sources is brought out.

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