“Get off the Stage Coach” – PCASC highlighting Wells Fargo private prison complex

PCASC. Jan 23, 2012:

“Get off the Stage Coach” – Activists demand Wells Fargo end profiting from private prisons and immigrant detention


CONTACT: Craig Hennecke, 503-475-1019, craig@pcasc.net

“Get off the Stage Coach” – Activists demand Wells Fargo end profiting from private prisons and immigrant detention

PORTLAND – Joining coordinated actions in 16 cities, activists will protest Wells Fargo’s heavy investment in private prisons and business practices that prey on homeowners and immigrants.

Protestors are demanding Wells Fargo divest their holdings in the private prison industry and abandon its role in the nation’s rapidly expanding for-profit immigrant detention system.

The nationwide day of action coincides with the GAIM USA conference, the largest annual gathering of hedge fund managers taking place this week in Boca Raton, Florida.

Tuesday’s actions also come on the heels of an Occupy Wall Street protest that shut down Wells Fargo’s corporate headquarters in San Francisco last Thursday.

WHAT/VISUALS: Immigrant rights and foreclosure activists joining forces. Banners, signs and singing in front of the bank branch during lunch hour.

Members of ENLACE, PCASC, and We Are Oregon will participate.

Members of PCASC and We Are Oregon were arrested on November 17th at Wells Fargo and the Steel Bridge, respectively.

ENLACE coordinates efforts of low-wage workers and immigrants in the US and Mexico in struggles for social and economic justice.

PCASC (Portland Central America Solidarity Committee) educates and mobilizes the community, workers, and students in the fight for human rights and social justice in the Americas.

We Are Oregon brings people together to fight for a fair economy, supporting community organizing around unemployment, foreclosure, and economic issues facing working class people.



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