Film Showing Tonight – “JANE: Abortion Past, Present and Future” [@ Red&Black 7pm]

via Red & Black Cafe:

JANE: Abortion Past, Present and Future


Join Judith Arcana, a former member of JANE, for this special evening about the pre-Roe abortion underground. The documentary “JANE” will be screened; also speaking will be Kate Weck of Oregon’s abortion fund. There will be books and zines for sale.


This event, timed to the annual celebration and sadness accompanying the anniversary of the now-eviscerated 1973 Roe decision, will include a showing of the video JANE: AN ABORTION SERVICE and a discussion with (and reading by) Portland’s own Jane, writer Judith Arcana. The event is a fundraiser for the Red & Black Cafe; books and zines will be for sale; there’ll be a guest from NRO, Oregon’s regional abortion fund. Folks who missed a similar event in the blazing hot summer of 2009 will now have a chance in this colder-than-usual winter of 2012.

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