No news about the tentative settlement between EGT & ILWU

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via Occupy EGT. Jan 27, 2012:

Occupy stands firm – solidarity with Longview continues!
Don’t stop mobilizing until the workers declare victory!

As you may have heard, EGT and ILWU are back at the bargaining table and scab work at the Longview grain terminal has stopped.  Did EGT come back to the bargaining table because Washington Governor Christine Gregoire asked them to?  NOPE!  It was you.  The determination of the workers in Longview, ILWU ranks in other locals, and the thousands of people in the Occupy Movement threatening to mobilize on an exploitative and union-busting boss have forced EGT into negotiations.  The strength we demonstrated on December 12th during the coordinated West Coast port shutdown showed that the Occupy Movement is capable of disrupting profit-making and affecting the means of production–the only thing the 1% really cares about.

While a contract with ILWU will not change the fact that EGT and its parent companies, specifically Bunge Ltd., are “Wall Street on the Waterfront,” witnessed by their record of despicable practices that destroy communities here and abroad, Occupy absolutely supports Local 21 in determining the terms and conditions of their labor.  Our movement remains committed to fighting economic systems that pit worker against worker for the benefit of corporations that exploit our natural resources and destroy the fabric of our communities.

As confidential negotiations between the ILWU and EGT continue, we will continue to stand beside the workers of Longview.  West Coast Occupations will not stop organizing and preparing to mobilize until the Longshore workers claim victory.  If members of Local 21 vote to approve the contract, we will go celebrate with them.  If negotiations stall or if the results are not satisfactory to the Local 21 rank and file, our caravan will be ready to go.

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