Right 2 Dream Too houseless rally [Wed. Feb 1]

via Right 2 Survive PDX:

Waive the fines on Right 2 Dream Too!
Wednesday February 1
Portland City Hall
SW 4th and Madison

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/162521970523197/

   Hundreds of people sleep on the streets of Portland every night, there are often no beds available at shelters, and it can take months or even years to get into transitional or permanent affordable housing. Right 2 Dream Too provides refuge and a safe space to rest or sleep undisturbed for dozens of people who are experiencing homelessness in downtown Portland at no cost to the city.

   The City of Portland’s Bureau of Development Services (BDS) says R2DToo must comply with state Recreational Camping Ordinances or pay monthly fines. The initial fine is $641.30, and doubles every two months after that.

    Join us at the rally Wednesday February 1.  Tell the City of Portland to waive the fines imposed on Right to Dream Too and support our work providing refuge and a safe space to rest or sleep undisturbed for Portland’s unhoused community who cannot access affordable housing or shelter.

Right 2 Dream Too and Right 2 Survive


(503) 839-9992

Right 2 Survive is a group of houseless and formerly houseless individuals dedicated to teaching about and defending the human, civil, and constitutional rights of people experiencing homelessness.

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