Portland Police building attacked, windows smashed

via Puget Sound Anarchists. Feb 1, 2012:

Portland Police building attacked, windows smashed

In the early hours of February 1, we smashed the windows of the Portland Police Bureau’s offices in the Kenton neighborhood. It is a small gesture of our hatred of the police, here and everywhere. We did this as a response to the police murder of Bradley Lee Morgan last week, and to that of Thomas Higginbotham, Keaton Otis, Jack Dale Collins, Aaron Campbell (no settlement can make us forgive or forget), James Chasse, and so many others in the further past.

We act in solidarity with our comrades in Oakland, who continue to shine brilliantly in their actions and words, and who tirelessly carry the struggle forward in the streets and assemblies.

We insist that those who rejoice at these attacks summon their own destructive impulses, scheme with trusted friends, and act to breathe life and fire into our city.

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