Eugene: Christmastree blockade at Oregon governor’s mansion, one arrest

Christmas tree graveyard in Winnipeg, MB

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from Feb 3, 2012:

Eugene man accused of dumping trees at governor’s mansion

SALEM, Ore. – A Eugene man faces charges of criminal mischief and offensive littering after a group of people dumped dried up Christmas trees in front of the governor’s official residence.

No one was at Mahonia Hall, the Oregon governor’s mansion, at the time.
A van pulled up in front of the mansion at 6:45 a.m. A group of people got out and unloaded several dry Christmas trees near the front gate.

An Oregon State police trooper on a security detail surprised the group and detained John Winston Zatkowsky, 23, of Eugene (pictured at right).
The other people got back in the van and fled the area.

Zatkowsky was arrested was arrested for Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree and Offensive Littering. He was transported to the Marion County Jail and was released after booking.

Cascadia Forest Defenders claimed responsibility for the action.
“The old Elliott State Forest management plan already allowed an appalling amount of clearcutting,” said Erin Grady in a press release from the group. “The State Land Board made a 60 year commitment to this plan in 1995. And only 16 years later, they just threw the whole plan in the trash!”

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