The Sovereign Self: Issue #5

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via C. Desafio. Feb 5, 2012:

February’s issue (# 5) of The Sovereign Self* is out and it is a big one! It includes articles centering on:  Indigenous egoism versus the so-called ‘individualist’ colonizer; a piece by Dora Marsden challenging the concept of liberty in conjunction with law and democracy; part two of How You and I Might Meet – a philosophical-psychological glimpse at the interactions between egoists and non-egoists; a challenge to the anarchist individual to make concrete the often demonized and mystified understanding of ‘property’; a short story outlining the lesson learned from a family dog in regards to lost autonomy; and a breath-taking poem by Iranian poet of the past Forough Farokhzad. Here are some snippets:

“The idea of individualism that the European explorers and colonizers failed to realize was its rejection to duty, devotion and submission. I recognize no authority figure over me, nor do I aspire to any particular ideology. I am not swayed by duty because I owe nothing to anyone. I am devoted to nothing but myself. I subscribe to no civilized standards or set of morals because I recognize no God or religion. No amount of pressure, judgment, or force should cause me to restrain myself from that which I desire.”

-Towards an Indigenous Egoism (Alex)

“The cry for ‘liberty’ is the plea for the substitution of melodrama for drama in life: the life according to concept in place of life according to power. It is the hoisting of the white flag followed by an attempt to claim victory in virtue of it.”

-Liberty, Law and Democracy (Marsden)

“One window is enough for me,
One window to the moment of consciousness
And looking and silence…
Ask the mirror the name of your savior.
Is not the earth that trembles under your feet
lonlier than you?…”

-The Window (Farokhzad)


If you are interested in contributing to the paper all submissions are due by the twentieth of each month. Submitted pieces will be accepted so long as they reside within the vein of egoist and individualist anarchist thought and are 3000 words or less. We are interested in the whole gamut: short, long, theoretical and creative pieces.

We have recently added a ‘Letters to the Editors’ section to the paper as a means of opening a space for discussion and debate over egoist and individualist thought within the anarchist movement. We encourage all feedback – be it harsh criticism, suggestions, questions, or praise. Letters can be sent via standard mail or email (contact info found below). We ask that all letters be 300 words or less and pertain to content and/or ideas presented within this paper. Please be clear that it is intended for the ‘Letters to the Editors’ section.

Also, our paper is available from the following: Left Bank Books in Seattle, Little Black Cart (, and for those residing in Europe, contact: to get connected with our European distributor. The Sovereign Self is available only in physical form. It does not exist as PDF nor is it readily available on the internet.

You can order individual issues for $2, or you can choose to do a subscription (6 months: Dec-May) for $9. Cash can be sent to our address below, or you can use paypal using our email address as the receiving account:

For all other inquiries regarding distribution, article submissions, monthly subscriptions and single/bulk orders of The Sovereign Self, please contact us at:


The Sovereign Self
c/o Highwayman Press
PO Box #110875
Tacoma, WA 98411

The Editors

*The Sovereign Self is a monthly anarchist paper, one of egoist and individualist persuasion. We do not concern ourselves with making alliances based on the lowest common denominator (sadly a far too frequent reality amongst the anarchist movement in this country). Instead we publish and spread our ideas, however harsh, critical, or in some cases, even positive they may be. We do this not to gain adherence, but to speak to those who will find power in these words, those who would lead themselves – the free libertarian, the rebel, the anarchist. This paper acts as a medium for the uncontrollable.
The Sovereign Self is printed on a Multilith 1250 offset press. All layout, cutting and printing are done by the editors.

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