anti-police march tonight

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via PIMC. Feb 7, 2012:

anti-police march is going on tonight (again) Tuesday Night (now)
author: Round 2

reports of anti police march is moving close to Hawthorne / Belmont area 7:00 on the move word is 75 headed over bridge into NE PDX cops meeting them protester trying to take street – cops get aggressive this is 2nd hand info – Livestream may be filming?

this is in response to yesterdays police brute/violence

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via PIMC. Feb 7, 2012:


These two people were attempting to attack people in the black bloc and were trying to undo any direct action. The person on the right in the picture has short black hair and was wearing a traditional black bandana with paisley print. The person on the left has dreadlocks with a 99% patch on the back. The person on the left called a few people he believed to be women bitches and other sexist shit. He was also there to argue against the march saying that the Portland police have NEVER KILLED ANYONE and demanded to see the bodies when one protester pointed out that they killed a 21 year old man just last month.

These two people are not our comrades. They are not our allies.

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