The Need For Radicals To Say Goodbye To Occupy

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via PIMC. Feb 6, 2012:

The Need For Radicals To Say Goodbye To Occupy

Tonight’s march and the division that occurred there highlight the fact that the occupy movement, at least in portland but likely across the nation, has gone into the realm of spending more energy promoting, and in many cases physically enforcing, their tactics, than creating any genuine momentum toward social change.

It is clear from much of the discourse that occurred in the march that occupiers, by and large, have no understanding of anti-oppression politics and very little if any understanding of, and/or affinity for, historical anti-police tactics.

Largely I have hoped to try to bridge this gap in the past, however it has become undeniable now that the behaviour of occupiers at radical marches is not merely frustrating or politically derailing, it has developed a pattern of putting people in the hands of police. This type of behaviour in portland has in the past caused individuals to incur injuries at the hands of belligerent occupiers. Beyond this it has resulted in occupiers handing folks over to the police, pointing people out to police and generally acting as an auxiliary police force. This was to my knowledge, a consistent occurrence at occupy marches, however now it has bled over into non-occupy demos and has developed into occupiers trying to force their failed tactics on those that have expressly abandoned them as ineffectual. More to the point these tactical arguments have developed into occupiers physically attacking folks that take any form of action that they don’t understand.

In itself this is bad enough, that occupy has become a force which moves into non-occupy marches and attempts to become the police therein is enough to merit a total discrediting of the movement. However adding to this, the fact their behaviours are causing such discord that normally organized bodies such as black blocs can barely keep abreast of where the police are or where danger lies makes it without question a necessary thing to disallow them at radical marches.

I think that while some might find this to be a harsh measure, there are with certainty a large number of radicals that are wary of, or even refusing to further participate in, marches that allow occupiers. At least as things go forward, if this radical is present at marches where occupiers are present it will be with an intention to neutralize their physical attacks on others, but I’d rather it if we as radicals could come together and simply let them march quietly into obscurity without sending any more of us to jail while their at it. Meanwhile we need to begin to be explicit that rather than merely not being an occupy march, as this one was advertised, future marches need to revoke any perceived invitation.

link to discussion thread on PIMC:

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1 Response to The Need For Radicals To Say Goodbye To Occupy

  1. The only reason this happens is because revolutionaries are still too scared to really take power. If you have a majority, then run with that! If you don’t, you better organize one. Believe me, your enemies will if you do not! Indeed, judging from the article, they already have.

    These liberals need to see and feel real consequences for their reactionary actions. Anything less is to coddle them, uphold their political line and general ideology, and to shoot yourselves in the foot every time.

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