Community organizing w/ Angelah Hill via Unsettle PDX

via Unsettle. Feb 7, 2012:

Community Organizing Buys Time for Angelah Hill

Unsettle Portland, We Are Oregon, the NE Assembly and many community members showed up to support Angelah Hill on Tuesday morning as she readied herself to see eviction paperwork filed that would kick her family out of their home. Instead, she was able to celebrate….

“Angelah Hill and homeowners who are going through foreclosure had a small victory today (Feb. 7th) as her eviction hearing was dismissed. Over 50 people showed up to support Hill, who was served an eviction notice last week.

Angelah has been going through the emotionally exhausting foreclosure process and has been dealing with confusing paperwork, unresponsive and manipulative banks and the fear of losing her home. Most recently, Freddie Mac purchased her home from Wells Fargo and then moved to evict her. However, Angelah had has been seeking and receiving community help and filed a complaint a week before Freddie Mac moved to evict her. Her complaint exposed a laundry list of bad tactics from the banks’ playbook on intimidating homeowners”….read whole article  (excerpt from We Are Oregon statement).

OPB: Activists Protest Foreclosure Evictions

Portland Occupier: Saving the Home of Angela Hill

OregonLive: Occupy Exits Hibernation

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