Are there ads on Grey Coast?

from Grey Coast:

Are there ads?

If there are, hmm, we don’t see them. From Firefox version 10 viewing the site does not see ads.

A comment said there was a VW ad sponsored ironically on the article about smashing cars at the Feb 6 black bloc. Ha, that’s pretty fucking funny! and all the more reason to see why the action happened from a ridiculo-meta point of view.

And so it is decided: we live in a society of the spectacle where anarchy is brought to you by VW automobiles:



the screenshot we think is of Grey Coast A News

… While we’re at it – anarchy brought to you by AXE deodorant too …

The spectacle is not a collection of images; it is a social relation between people that is mediated by images. – Guy Debord (Society of the Spectacle)





We don’t get money from ads on Grey Coast if that’s true – true that the photo shows ads on this website.


I am, however, asking for donations for the website. Here’s why:

Over the past couple of months there have been police tickets and infractions for minor problems but they add up fast, especially when there’s already unpaid state debt accumulating well over any amount I could reasonably make in a year. Eventually the cops confiscate your ID card. This is their way of compounding the problems they create.

Donations to Grey Coast will go toward helping me get my ID back. I need somewhere between $1,200 and $1,500 to square it off. But $450 – $600 should do the trick right now. I cannot explain more for security reasons. At this point I would like to stop jumping through hoops in order to have one of their pointless ID cards for the police state apparatus. But going without puts you in a limited situation and without the right networks and support it is a really bad move.

I cannot say more about this, but FYI I do not receive EBT, will not get an EITC tax refund, don’t pay rent, zero insurances, and also any wages I make are garnished by the state and the Department of Education. I will work under the table if you need a website though. Two previous employers went bankrupt this year and although they owe me a small amount of money they are sheltered from paying because of their status and insufficient funds.


Please throw in a couple bucks into the Grey Coast Anarchist News neverending fun bin. It will go a long way to help a comrade and, aside from the tip jar, very good advice is seldom ignored.


To send a donation click here. To give very good advice email me here:


– Grey Coast

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2 Responses to Are there ads on Grey Coast?

  1. hailbop says:

    don’t deny that there aren’t actually ads on this website; there is an ad on this page. why you front?

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