F20 Prisoner Solidarity Event with Decolonize PDX

via Occupy Portland:

F20 Prisoner Solidarity Event with Decolonize PDX

February 20th, 6-8 PM at the PCC Cascade Campus – Moriarty Hall

Occupy Portland Radical Caucus, Women’s Caucus and Occupy the Dream Working groups invite you to join us for February 20 (F20)—- a national Occupy day in Solidarity with Prisoners.

In Portland, we invite you to  the Decolonize PDX solidarity event,  a movie screening and conversation on the Prison Industrial Complex at PCC Cascade Campus on N. Killingsworth in North Portland.

The documentary screened is entitled  ”3000 Years to Life” and is about a three month period, in the spring of 1973, when the maximum security prison at Walpole, Massachusetts was the scene of an unprecedented seizure of power that shook the Massachusetts criminal justice system to its core. The prisoners organized and ran the prison-the school, the shops, the kitchen, the hospital, the internal security-while the striking guards manned only the outside walls. This documentary takes you inside Walpole, to see and hear the story from the prisoners themselves.
Join us for this movie followed by a presentation and discussion.
This event is free and open to the public.
For more info
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