Regional Youth Logging Indoctrination Conference! [March 15, 16, 17]

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from anonaminita:



This silly stupid logging educational conference for youth is being offered to students in Mendicino and Lake Counties, happening in Ukiah March 15, 16 & 17.

They offer “pro-logger classes”, a high school forestry competition, careers in the Pacific Northwest’s arson-dependent / export-dependent lumber economy (i.e. colony), and provide all sorts of reified stewardship experiences to the colonist workers of an unbreathable future. I hope Umpquah Bank will be there. Weyerhaueser and East Asian lumber importers too. Yeah fuck this conference.

2012’s theme is “Imagine… Deep in the woods. Growing, nurturing & harvesting timber for jobs tomorrow.”

From the teachers’ invite pamphlet:


Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment about our forests and their endless cycle, while ensuring a quality educational experience for all participating students and teachers.


The endless cycle!

Of lies?

The endless cycle of chaos, destruction and rebirth? Actually I think this is a conference on metaphysics so I’ll be there. I’m supposed to teach a quick class on Plato’s deforested Republic (remember Greece?) and give a few workshops on environmental regulation from an anarchist communization perspective & fuck you for believing any of this.

– anonaminita



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This article / commentary on Grey Coast Anarchist News related to the PNW forests, logging, and Umpquah Bank was posted here in November and still relevant:

Cascadia-wide Deforesting Industry Booming Like Never Before — for capitalist development in Asia

* For info on the conference check out the teacher invite pamphlet:

or download here:

2012 humboldt teacher packet 11-2-11

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