FBI raid a NE Portland home with Cybercrime search warrant


via PIMC. Feb 20, 2012:


At 6:00am this morning, the FBI waged a military-style raid on NE home on simple searh waarent. They destroyed and confiscated property. Seeking legal help!

At 6:00am this morning (12/20/2012) the FBI smashed their way into a home in NE Portland. They were executing a search warrant based on alleged internet threat that did not occur! There were dozens of armored fed. agents armed with both AR-15s and hand guns. They confiscated and destroyed property, as well as damaged parts of the house. They also used a flash or concussion grenade in a “shock and awe” tactic.

Everyone in the house was un-armed, peaceful, and had committed no crime/s! They took cells phones as well. There were no drugs nor illegal weapons in the house! All occupants were detained on sight but were eventually released. No harm came to pets, so far as i know.

Seeking any sort of legal direction. College student w/ little money, not sure where to start. What might be best course whenever FBI wages extremely heavy-handed military-style raid like this, simply to serve a SEARCH WARRANT? They claimed that the no. of people in house (8) justified such an extreme response! Again, no weapons, no drugs, noone had a warrant for arrest – there was never ANY danger to police!

Any info. on legal counsel would be greatly appreciated.



From KATU. Feb 20, 2012:

FBI agents search NE Portland Home


PORTLAND, Ore. – FBI agents served a search warrant for cybercrime Monday morning in Northeast Portland.

The agents entered the home, located near 66th Avenue and Northeast Prescott Street, before 7 a.m.

According to FBI Spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele, no arrests were made. The information about what agents collected will go to a federal judge.

The home is located across the street from Harvey Scott Elementary School. Students were off Monday because of the Presidents’ Day holiday.

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4 Responses to FBI raid a NE Portland home with Cybercrime search warrant

  1. Däv Oh says:

    These are friends of mine who had their house raided.

    They are alright, nobody was seriously hurt or arrested.

    That’s all they care to say about it at the moment. You’ll hear more on it from the corporate media tomorrow.

  2. What we do is make a massive media stink. This sound like the NDAA in action. Please, I know “the right people”, if your friends are ready to talk, I can make sure their side is given. It is only through showing how corrupt our system has become to the general public we can create the necessary outcry. As far as legal information, I know nothing but have several family members who do.

  3. Raquel says:

    It also happened to me . Except there were only 2 people in the house , my maid and a handyman.
    Busted down my front door and back door 15 agents came in put a gun to the handymans head . THANK God my kids were at school . They tore apart my house , my clothes took all my shoes and dumped them out of there boxes. Froze my bank accts took over 150000 dollars . Destroyed my 4 offices ( raided my places of buisness 4 offices and my home at the same time . .destroyed my company and my reputation . They did not follow the warrant . They acted as if it was an open warrant , to Dora’s they wish, and take whatever they wanted . Even took my 8 year old daughters piggyback off her dresser in her room . Went through the handymans wallet and took his money . He had nothing to do with anything. This happened sept 28 2009 . Went through 10 years of my financials , taxes . Just like I told them they were wrong . F they would have just came to me , I would have given them whatever they need to do there due diligence , they just raided and accused me without any noticed. Lef me , my mother and thee little kids with no front door or back door , stole my daughters piggy bank and left me penniless and destroyed my reputation and buisness in one day . Accused me for about 7 months , I only got back maybe half the stuff they confiscated . And never heard from them again .

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