PortlandOccupier.org Raises Cybercrime Alert Level to DefCon 5!!!

from Rodney Gilstrap. Feb 22, 2012:

Portland Occupier Raises Cybercrime Alert Level to DefCon 5!!!

Franke Zydowicz

The Portland Occupier has recently come under the hostile glare of random loon Frank Zydowicz AKA Marcavius Mercury, the alleged hacker behind the December 12th Ddos attack on Occupy Portland websites.

In an email surprisingly free of the glaring grammatical errors usually proliferating in the electronic communications of the mentally unhinged, Mr. Zydowicz stated-


Use the ‘find’ function. Type ‘Marcavius’.

I purchased nothing. There is something fucked going on. Remove this PDF, as I am being painted for something and I refuse for this to keep happening.

Whoever runs this site has 72 hours before a pingflood, lasting at least one month in total crashes the site.

THis is not a threat, this is a serious warning.

You don’t fuck with a hacker’s rep.

Thanks. Nothing against anyone in particular.

After extensive debate, the Occupier staff decided, well. . .fuck him. In an unofficial statement by Portland Occupier contributor and damn fine human being, Lester Macgurdy states-

“Mr. Zydowicz can go eat a bowl of dick. The document stays up. It’s not our policy to shed our journalistic integrity every time some paranoiac spends 80 sleepless hours smoking puddles of toxic consciousness brewed up in some hillbilly’s bathtub while grooming random documents on the internet for any mention of his alias.”

“While it does give some cause for concern that Mr. Zydowicz, an Iraqi veteran and Oathkeeper, could show up at the Occupier office armed to the teeth and determined to fend off the apocalypse in an igloo built of our stacked corpses, we’ve decided that Titania Beastwhistle, our dedicated staffer and web guru is wiry enough that (if push came to shove) she’d merit even odds with pretty much any species of rabid baboon in a cage match. We feel confident that the threat of physical injury is minor with her in our corner. Petite yet vicious, she’s 110 pounds of pure killing machine”, Mr. Macgurdy continued.

“However, since even a nutless monkey can unleash a ping flood on a website, we may be experiencing some technical difficulties in the upcoming days that could limit your access to our (routinely) stellar journalism. We apologize in advance for any interruptions.”

Mr. Zydowicz, apparently determined to display diminished capacity, went on to state–“I sell psychadellics! Suck my wiener, I’ll steal your face!”

The Portland Occupier currently appears to be offline. More details when available.

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One Response to PortlandOccupier.org Raises Cybercrime Alert Level to DefCon 5!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The point of the threat was to bring the discrepancies to light, and the new information that has come forward in this ‘case’. It accomplished such, and I didn’t even have to waste time sniffing for passwords or pingflooding.


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