Vandals hit more than 30 bus shelters

Remember when Trimet increased the bus fare and cut MAX lines? Oh the days.

But uh, if they’re having budget problems and got to pass on their crisis to the broke-ass Trimet “consumer” then where they getting the money to fix the broken-ass glass within 24 hours?

Maybe they should stop giving broke people parking tickets, confiscating all their shit, and taking away their ID cards. Turning off their electricity, turning off their EBT, or giving them outrageous fines for not having a transit stub. Take your crisis somewhere else. If not, stop building streets, and cities, if you can’t handle it. Notice to the civilized. We’re fucking houngry. Proles on da strollz.

– Anonaminita


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From KATU. Feb 22, 2012:

Vandals hit more than 30 bus shelters

PORTLAND, Ore. – TriMet is dealing with a rash of vandalism that is costing them thousands of dollars in repairs.

Over 30 bus shelters have had their glass smashed or broken out this past week.

At some shelters as soon as the glass was replaced it was vandalized again. TriMet then had to put up metal panels to keep from having to replace any more glass.

Here’s a look at some of the stops that have been hit the worst (information provided by TriMet – not all incidents are listed). The dates are when the vandalism was reported:

Wednesday, Feb. 22 – Southeast Portland

  • Cesar Chavez and Division, northbound
  • Hawthorne & 30th, westbound
  • Hawthorne & 22nd, westbound
  • Hawthorne & 19th, westbound
  • Hawthorne & 14th, westbound
  • Hawthorne & Maple, eastbound
  • 82nd & Overland, northbound

Wednesday, Feb. 15 – East Portland

  • Powell – opposite of the Powell Garage, westbound
  • Halsey – opposite of 172nd, westbound

Friday, Feb. 17 – Southeast Portland

  • Foster nearside of 82nd, eastbound
  • Powell nearside of 71st, westbound
  • Powell farside of 65th, westbound
  • Division, farside of 92nd, westbound

Monday, Feb. 20 – Southeast Portland and Beaverton

  • Flavel nearside of 92nd, westbound
  • Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway farside of 62nd, eastbound
  • Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway farside of 62nd, eastbound

Tuesday, Feb. 21 – Southeast Portland and Beaverton

  • Foster nearside 82nd, eastbound
  • Powell farside 24th, westbound
  • Foster nearside 82nd, eastbound
  • Powell farside 52nd, westbound
  • Powell nearside 43rd, westbound
  • Foster nearside Holgate, westbound
  • Powell nearside Milwaukie, eastbound
  • Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway nearside 30th, eastbound

So far, TriMet is looking at a cost of $16,000 to $32,000 to repair the shelters. They usually fix them pretty quickly – once they learn that a shelter has been vandalized it gets repaired within about 24 hours.

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