Changes at Grey Coast Anarchists

We have some new folks on the admin team here at Grey Coast. Here’s what you can expect to see in the near future:

  • We’re working on having more original content and fewer reposts from mainstream media, Indymedia, and Portland Occupier. Expect reposts to have commentary/analysis.
  • We moved some things around and cleaned things up. Check out the sidebar – we’re trying to make the links specifically relevant to anarchism in the Portland area, except for the “Anarchist News Elsewhere” section, in case you want to hear what’s going on within the milieu outside of the Portland area.
  • Did you know you can submit content? At the top of the sidebar there’s a section called “create.” Yeahhhhh. Use it.
  • We have a new contact email address: greycoastanarchists (at) riseup (dot) net. The gmail account is no longer connected to this site.
  • There’s a new website set to replace this one within the next couple months. It’ll be Drupal-based (like Puget Sound Anarchists and Anarchist News) rather than WordPress, which will make it a lot more secure and hopefully easier to navigate. We’ll let you know when that switch happens!
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