Former IMF adviser to speak in Portland – [March 11]

Harvard economist, globalist, and former IMF advisor Amartya Sen is speaking at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (1037 SW Broadway) on March 11 at 7 pm. There is a protest planned outside the lecture from 6-7:30, then a march downtown 7:30-9.

Amartya Sen’s presentation is sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Oregon, a neoliberal group that is hosting neo-con war promoter David Brooks in March as well.

For 65 years the IMF has been following the same modus operandi: load developing countries up with debts they can never repay, then extract a never-ending sequence of interest, resources, and concessions from the crippled nations.

IMF and World Bank mega-projects destroy the environment, displace indigenous people, enrich dictators, promote industrialization, promote globalization, deplete resources, benefit multinational corporations, destroy traditional ways of life, replace diverse local food systems with mono-culture agribusiness, and burden poor nations with unpayable debts.

Amartya Sen has served as a senior advisor to the IMF. He was named to their Committee on IMF Governance Reform which issued its Final Report on March 24, 2009. From the report: “The world needs a multilateral institution at the center of the
world economy to help anchor global financial stability. . . . The International Monetary Fund is well placed to be this institution, but it needs a re-energized multilateral mandate to reflect the evolution of the world economy and to increase
its legitimacy and effectiveness in addressing today’s global challenges.”

Facebook event page

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