Portland: Solidarity rally with fired New Seasons worker Ryan G this Saturday

Saturday, March 10
11:00 am
Seven Corners New Seasons
1954 SE Division

“A group of workers, now called New Seasons Market Workers’ Voice, have been campaigning for a more democratic workplace for over 3 years now. When management made the decision to fire Ryan they weren’t just getting rid of a 9 and half year committed staff member, they were attempting to silence the voices of their workers. New Seasons drew that line, now we are responding.”

Ryan Gaughan was fired from New Seasons on the faulty premise of supposedly not paying for a few pieces of tofu that he added to his lunch. Four days prior to his firing, he and other store workers presented concerns regarding disciplinary practices, pay inequities, store morale, and the company’s direction to the New Seasons President and CEO, Lisa Sedlar. Organizers of the rally document examples over the course of the past four years of how Gaughan has assisted in efforts to improve workplace conditions regarding safety, health benefits, wage discrepancies, and worker equality.

New Seasons Market uses the tagline “the friendliest store in town,” but their action of firing a long-time worker in what is clearly retaliation for worker organizing shows them to be anything but friendly. Regardless of how local and “progressive” New Seasons may be, it is still a capitalist business. New Seasons workers’ interests are inherently in opposition to those of the bosses. Let’s show some solidarity for a worker who stood up for himself and his fellow proles.

For more info: www.newseasonsmarketworkersvoice.org

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