1st Seasonal Olympia Anarchist Assembly – March 17th

Olympia’s only 100 miles to the north of Portland! Check it out, let’s build some regional solidarity!

The first seasonal Olympia Anarchist General Assembly will be at Eagle’s Ballroom, March 17th, 12 to 4 PM. This event is intended for us to build community, network, make announcements, plan and create projects, share resources, and have fun.

If you have questions, comments, need to arrange childcare, or want to request accommodations, please email the organizers at olyanarchistga@riseup.net

A schedule for the General Assembly will be announced.

We’ve seen what’s been happening in the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, and the United States with general assemblies in the past year and feel the need for this to be spread even more. We feel it’s imperative for the radical and Anarchists communities already here in the Pacific North West to be strengthened so that we can better organize locally. This would aid in creating a better society in which we would like to live in. In order to establish this vision, we feel it’s important to work on subverting the dominant culture as well as constantly working on the personal dynamics that are present in our daily lives. One route that we advocate to achieve this is through direct action; we don’t protest to appeal to a higher order, we take things back for us. We are for a world where production meets the needs of the community; we work towards the abolition of capitalism due to the inherent oppression it is based off of.

When we say that we’re for Anarchism, these are a few of the things that we stand for:
*Collective liberation and solidarity; realizing that none of us are free until we are all free and working towards that together.
*Safer spaces; creating spaces in the world we live in that are rid of oppression and violence.
*Autonomy; allowing all of us the self determination we need to be able to make the best decisions for ourselves.
*Mutual Aid; in our rejection of the state we seek to strengthen ourselves and the relationships we want to see.
*Consensus; allowing us all an equal voice to make better decisions

We do not believe we need the State in order to run our lives safely; we refuse to work with the police and any part of the “Justice” department. Instead of having thugs running around with extra privilege from a badge and shoving a gun in your face, we want to see communities having self-accountability and purporting transformative justice.

This is not a forum to debate the merits of anarchism. If you come to this General Assembly you are working under the framework that anarchism is possible and something to be worked towards. This General Assembly is intended for anarchists and anti-authoritarians, as well as people with varying experiences or curiosity about anarchist organizing.

Our first GA will be on March 17th, 2012 and we will have a website soon.
If you have questions, comments, need childcare, or want to request accommodations, email us: olyanarchistga@riseup.net

The organizers of The Olympia Anarchist General Assembly feel that for the GA to be an effective forum for discussion, as well as reflective of our anti-oppression and liberatory values, we need to enact a Safer Space Policy.
A Safer Space Policy is a community agreement that sets the standards for how to participate and interact with other people in this space. It is expected that all those who are participating in the Olympia Anarchist General Assembly comply with the Safer Space Policy and understand that if they do not they will be told to leave.
The person experiencing the oppressive statements, behavior, or dynamics will decide if the person violating the Safer Space Policy needs to be warned, if there needs to be a community response, or if that individual needs to leave.

The following will not be tolerated:
– Verbal, physical, or sexual forms of aggression – Violating consent or the boundaries of others – Sexual harassment or unwanted attention – Domineering behavior and/or taking up too much space – Perpetuating systems of oppression (ableism, adultism, ageism, Christian supremacy, cissexism, classim, heterosexism, racism, sexism, sizeism) – Police presence or police apologism

If you are concerned about a person or persons attending this event, please contact the organizers of The Olympia Anarchist General Assembly to set up a meeting. It is important to the organizers that we hear what individual needs people may have.

This event is intended for us to build community, network, make announcements, plan and create projects, share resources, and have fun. Please do not consider this space to be a secure area to discuss anything that can be construed as illegal activity. This is not a value judgement; this is to ensure a safer environment for all attending.
In order to make this safe and comfortable for all participants this is a sober space. Please do not use drugs or alcohol at this event. There will be a designated smoking area outside that will be announced at the time of the event.
In regards to space accessibility: This space only has stairs. Due to economic and time restrictions this was the only space that we could find that would work. If you need any accommodations please contact us at olyanarchistga@riseup.net. We are looking for different spaces that are more accommodating for future General Assemblies.

Lastly, we ask for people to refrain from wearing or using any scented products.

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3 Responses to 1st Seasonal Olympia Anarchist Assembly – March 17th

  1. STAARFOX says:

    well … it’s not the most ridiculous thing but…

    if someone won’t go to a meeting with strange scents in the air, they wouldn’t be capable of doing a lot of things. like going to a march, or living in a city. let’s have an assembly in the desert and all wear gas masks?

    brief, clear and to the point would be better.

    • greycoast4narchists says:

      Umm chemical sensitivities are a real thing. Some people get legit allergic reactions to scented products – perfume, essential oils, etc. Don’t see the problem with making anarchist events more accessible.

      • STAARFOX says:

        That was in reply to the other comment. Allergies are real, yes — I don’t understand the context. Are scented products a common problem?

        Safer space policies risk being slave moralities. It’s annoying when someone takes up too much space — but if it’s anticipated and preemptively untolerated, it’s more likely that nobody will say anything because of this morality, and that creates an awkward conversational void that a freer individual is going to fill and hence take up that space. The safer space morality will not tolerate that person taking up more space, however.

        I want to take up space than I am now. I think my comrades should take up MORE space than they are now, in as many metaphorical ways as possible. I don’t want to inherit Christian practices, as if we’re going to inherit the earth as a reward for being meek and slavish.

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